Writer talk, going ‘old school’ and Bonnie dog latest…

When asked a few months ago if I’d give a talk to a local group about writing and working in the world of television, of course I said yes.

At the time February seemed a long way off and then – after the rainiest winter anyone can remember – the date for the talk loomed large.

Rather than spout on for thirty or so minutes, I decided that a better option would be for someone to interview me and then we’d open up a question and answer session. That way it would feel more like a casual chat and hopefully create a more relaxed discussion afterwards.

Enter Julia, (the person who first suggested the talk), and she turned out to be good interviewer with yours truly providing her with the questions/prompts.

Given the lousy weather, there was a decent turn out with the opportunity to show potential readers copies of the books and to hear all about their reading habits.

Lots of them told me that they still preferred a physical book to a Kindle copy and they mixed and matched genres – everything from crime, to family sagas, romances and biographies. As this was a Cornish based group, they also liked the idea of stories set in the Cornwall and we know that visitors do too.

Which brings me to my latest idea to get out some ‘old school’ book leaflets to shops, pubs, restaurants, hotels and other venues where tourists will flock over the coming months. Of course social media is important but there is still a place for information leaflets to target potential readers while they are out and about.

Meantime, copies of the books are going into a few local stores and beyond. It gives people the chance to flick through before they buy and to get a better feel for the product.

So lots of dropping off book flyers and I’ll be carrying a stash around wherever we go.  If nothing else, a good excuse for a bigger and better tote bag!

Before handing over to Bonnie dog, a quick word about the new glass panelled stairway. After a couple of months, it is still looking great and no sign yet of Bonnie’s nose art – probably too cold to touch during the chilly winter time but will be a cool delight in the spring and summer.  Let the battle commence.

Now for that quick update from madam herself…

‘Hey folks, why am I being squeezed into the tail end of the blog again – wasn’t this supposed to be MY very own dog spot? (Grrr).

It’ll have to do for now but trust me, I’ll be grabbing back the main stage again soon.

I’ve just had another big hair cut, so feeling the chill. The rents keep saying that I look like a sheared sheep, whatever that is. I’ve even heard the expression ‘lollipop head’ and don’t have a clue what that means either. Still, it’s already starting to grow back and I’m rocking my smart red outdoors jacket – it’s waterproof which is just as well in this yuk wet weather.

This gal doesn’t do rain. I mean, what’s the point of living by the beach if it’s too wet and windy to run about? Nah, I need some sun, dry sand and a lovely bit of heat.

Is anyone listening out there? Here’s my cosmic order – come on, let’s be having some S-U-N-S-H-I-N-E matey.

Enough to lounge on the balcony, demand crushed ice and press the nose against that new glass on the stairs.

Yes, in the battle of the nose art, you just know who’ll win the day and it ain’t those rents of mine.

Just saying.

Woof and out…’



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