One of the most touching First World War exhibitions has just taken place on our own doorstep.

The tiny Quaker meeting place in Marazion, recently housed a thought provoking tribute to those ‘conscientious objectors’ who resisted the call to arms on the grounds of their pacifist beliefs. Many paid a high price, with harsh prison sentences and hard labour while being ostracised by their own communities. No one could read the letters sent from prison or the evidence put before the courts, without being moved by the stories of those who stood by their beliefs and principles.

Of course this doesn’t lessen the sacrifice of the young men who did go to fight – my own grand dad’s brother lost his life on the battle field. Yet at a time when the world is becoming increasingly war torn, this small exhibition begs the question made famous in the Pete Seeger song – ‘when will they ever learn?’ Or should that be ‘when will WE ever learn?’

On a more cheerful note, our cockapoo pup Bonnie is enjoying her new role as West Cornwall’s ‘doggie friendly’ establishment reviewer. The latest place to get her ‘paws up’ sign is ‘The Old Coastguard’ in Mousehole. Here mutts are made welcome in a lovely relaxed atmosphere with incredible sea views. Over to Bonnie for her latest take on things….

‘Hi Folks,
Did another one of my ‘socialising’ sessions at ‘The Old Coastguard’ hotel and all I can say is – what a find. Great garden area looking straight out to sea and a chilled sitting area inside where my rents raved about the comfy loungers and ‘ambience’ whatever that means.

I somehow think we’ll be back here and I spotted some other happy looking mutts hanging around. With all these four legged friendly places to visit, ain’t Cornwall a great place to be a pooch? Woof and out…

Bonnie under table

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