Trains and training…..

There’s a first time for everything and over the past few days my ‘first’ has been a fabulous rail journey from Penzance station all the way up to the Midlands. For those who already know the journey, much of the scenery is amazing and hats off to the fantastic ‘orange army’ who rebuilt the track damaged by this year’s awful winter storms.
If anyone deserves an award for a job well done, it’s the teams who worked around the clock to get this West Country rail route back up and running in record time. In my job as a TV producer and journalist, I’ve travelled all over the UK and the rail journey from Penzance to Somerset has to be one of the best – helped by the glorious June sunshine.
Moving on from trains to training. Our new cockapoo pup, Bonnie, is settling in well and as the song goes, ‘getting better all the time’. She’s even been sleeping through the night in her own crate, aka diva’s nest. Her recent ‘first’ has been proper walkies by the beach and she loved every minute. Bonnie is still attracting a sizeable passing fan base and if she could sign her autograph, I’m sure she’d oblige! She wasn’t so fond of another first experience though – a shampoo and rinse in the late afternoon sunshine. Madam sulked for an hour afterwards and decided to punish us by chewing her new grooming brush. Still she’s an adorable little thing and all is forgiven – on both sides I think. Now over to Bonnie for her latest take on things…

‘Hi there,
Well it’s been a week of highs and lows for yours truly. One of my owners decided to hot foot it ‘up country’ for a few days without taking me – the cheek of it. The other owner hung around to answer my every whim, but it wasn’t the same without two rents to play and mess around with. Still, I got to meet Maggie off the train and met some great rail travellers along the way. More pats and strokes for me!
I loved my first walk by the beach and stopping to say ‘hi’ to passing dogs and their folks. I’m not being big headed but this gal is getting some serious attention! Perhaps I need an agent? We’ll skip over the shampoo and rinse fiasco – goodness knows why my owners think I need a wash. Aren’t I a bonny enough Bonnie without it? You decide. Woof and out….

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