The other day I got an unexpected but lovely email.

It was from a former student who I met a few years ago, when I was an occasional ‘Visiting Editor’ to Staffordshire University’s BA and MA degree journalism courses.

The message was to say thanks for some ‘inspirational’, (her word ), advice I gave at the time. It was along the lines of trying to build up her own specialist subject early on – something she could develop and go on to acquire some great contacts in her chosen field. She took that on board and it has worked well for her.

A kind gesture and it made my day – especially because I’m planning to do more work with undergraduate and post graduate journalism students.

It also got me thinking about how important it is to say ‘thank-you’ to people who have helped you along the way or have made an effort to do something nice, however small.

Too often we forget to pass on thanks, even if it is just for a card sent or for useful advice given.

There is a saying that you should always remember those people who helped you along the way. The ones who don’t just come out of the woodwork after you’ve reach your goals.

So here is a big thank you to all my supportive personal community who have been there with advice, assistance and encouragement. Trust me, it is appreciated.

Recently I’ve started an exciting collaboration with another talented and award winning fiction writer. His style differs from mine but somehow our writing works well together and we’re both enjoying the process.

We’re working on alternate chapters and it is a fast paced crime thriller. We don’t know how it will end – the story is unfolding as we write it – but we are off to a cracking start and aim to get a first rate literary agent on board. So watch this space for updates.

Now over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo, for her latest take on life….

Hi ya folks,

I’ve been on guarding duty this week.

On the look-out for those cheeky field rabbits who keep getting into my garden.

I mean this is MY territory and they are invading MY space.

When I catch sight of one I let out a loud ‘woof’ or two, (well perhaps more like three or four), and they scoot off.

Trouble is the rents don’t seem too pleased and keep dragging me in from my guarding post on the balcony.

Come on, I’m only doing my pack duty – it’s what we mutts are born to do.

When I’m banished from the balcony, I head down to the hallway and take up my new post by the front door.
Intruders beware. You can’t fight nature. (See piccy below).

Come to think of it I haven’t clapped eyes on my new beau, the gorgeous Havanese called Tui, for a few days.

Perhaps he’s off on holidays with his folks.

Everyone seems to be on holiday right now, with my own home town full of visitors chomping on ice-creams and pasties.

Still, more admiring comments and pats for me from complete strangers.

I’m liking all the extra attention but hopefully I’ll bump into the lovely Tui soon. I think this gal’s in lurve….

Woof and out.’


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