‘Why don’t you pop over for afternoon tea?’ Hardly an invitation to be turned down, especially as it came from the indomitable Lady Marie Herbert – writer, healer and wife of the late Arctic explorer, Sir Wally Herbert.

I’d already interviewed Marie for a magazine feature and she is one of those fascinating people who you just have to keep in touch with. So afternoon tea it was, in the sitting room of her Penzance home, surrounded by Polar expedition memorabilia and the paintings produced by Sir Wally.

It was civilised, hugely enjoyable and it struck me how the tradition of afternoon tea – or coffee if you must – deserves to make a comeback. Not just for socialising either. It is so much easier to talk about work projects over a late afternoon cuppa served from a proper pot along with a few delicious bites to eat. Of course this has to include cake. No cake, no real afternoon tea!

I’m now on a mission to push this brilliant tradition, all thanks to the lovely Marie. So around 4pm switch off that smart phone, tablet and computer for a while – ironic I know coming from a blogger and social networker – and get talking face to face. Over a nice cuppa of course.

Now over to pup Bonnie for her latest take on life….

‘Hi there folks,

It’s been a big week for me – a very first hair cut! I overheard my rents talking about the top of my head looking like Boris Johnson, whoever that is.

Anyway, next thing I know I’m at ‘Just Pet Care’ in St Just, having my wavy coat trimmed. I was a bit nervy at first – didn’t like the sound of those clippers – but Pip, my groomer, was lovely. She is a trained veterinary nurse too, so has us mutts sorted. Before you could say ‘walkies’ those paws were neater, ears nicely shaped and the top of the head felt a whole lot lighter. I no longer resemble that Boris guy! Even got a bag of goodies to take home.

Here’s a pic of me after I got back and don’t I look a Bonnie girl eh? Woof out….’

Bonnie after trim

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