Social Media Rationing and Skinny Minny Bonnie

I’m a relative newcomer to social networking, initially only signing up to help publicise my books. Or so I thought.

Two years or so down the line and most of the time I’m glad I did it. LinkedIn and Twitter are favourites for work related stuff and Facebook for keeping up to date with friends and family.

But – and there is always a ‘but’ – it does have a downside.

While I try to ration how much time is spent on social networking sites, the temptation is always there to take just one peek. Then another…and yet another.

And before you can say ‘like’ or ‘share’, an hour has disappeared. Yikes.

These days people can be sub-divided into social media avoiders; relative lightweights, (like me), who dip in as and when; and then those heavy duty users who post everything about their lives, including what they are having for dinner – a bit too much information.

Still, in an attempt to avoid addiction to Tweets, LinkedIn and Facebook messaging, (add all the other possibles if you want to), it might be worth having a couple of days a week where social media is avoided or, at the very least, severely rationed. A bit like having the recommended two days a week without alcohol.

It could just work – then again, who can really resist that urge to have one last peek?

With a hefty dollop of irony, I’ll let you know how it goes…on social media of course.

Meantime, over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo, for her update.

Hi ya folks,

Well, yet another hair cut for little ol’ me.

Not that I mind visiting my lovely groomers, Pip and Charlotte, of ‘Just Pet Care’. There – I’ve got in the plug for them.

I do object though to being called ‘skinny minny’ and ‘lollipop head’ by the rents.

Come on, a girl can’t help looking skinnier once a good few inches of fur has been lopped off and anyway, what’s wrong with the mean and lean look?

One woman even told me the other day that I’m mutt model material.

What – just ‘model’? Didn’t she leave out the little word ‘super’?

Now I’ve started working as a ‘marketing tool’, (ahem), for rent Maggie’s books, she’s been getting a few more Twitter followers.

Hello there you fellow Tweeters!

Still a long way to go before reaching the dizzy heights of some people but hey – the only way is up.

Anyway, see a before trim pic of me as a Hairy Mary book marketeer and then a post trim pic chilling on the balcony. 

Woof and out….’


Evening sun


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