With my latest short story ‘Key’ just published and the Novella almost complete, I’m looking forward to the next big challenge – a post graduate University research project looking at the experiences of women working in broadcast journalism. As with all new ventures, the start and finish will be the toughest to crack but I’ve worked with some fantastic and talented women who I’ll be calling on to contribute.

Talking of talented women, I’ve just done an interview with the inspirational Lady Marie Herbert, a writer, therapist and healer. Marie was married to the late Arctic explorer, Sir Wally Herbert, and spent two years living in an Inuit community on a tiny remote island off Greenland. All I can say is what a gal and what a truly incredible life, though not without deep personal tragedy. I’ve been lucky enough to interview some fascinating people and Marie is certainly up there with the best.

I also met up this week with broadcaster and journalist Lisa Brinkworth who has done some amazing work, sometimes putting her own life in danger. Yet another amazing woman and we had a brilliant catch up – neither of us could believe that 12 years had flown by since we last worked together!
Now over to our very Cornish cockapoo pup, Bonnie, for her latest missive….


‘Hi folks,
I’ve certainly been hitting the Cornish pub scene over the summer. My owners call it ‘socialising’ but I have a sneaky feeling it’s for their benefit rather than mine. Still, I usually get treated to tasty biscuits and fresh bowls of water, so what’s not to like? It’s also a great meeting place for us mutts – all supposedly ‘socialising’ with their rents. Come to think of it, those fun dog shows are brilliant for the social life too. Yours truly got another rosette last week in the best pup section. Hey ho, at this rate I’ll need my own rosette display shelf but I’m told that a girl mustn’t boast. (Stuff that says me). What this girl needs is an agent! Woof and out…’ Rosettes

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