RIP Leda, true friend and best ever dog minder…

Hi from Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo…

This time around I’m going to dedicate the blog to my late friend and regular minder, Leda.

I first met the lovely Leda in July 2015, when my rents were looking for somewhere for me to stay while they were away. (I know – how can they bear to leave me? That’s another story).

Leda had always loved dogs but after her own much loved spaniel died, she didn’t want to take on a full time dog again. Enter little ol’ me, all bushy tailed and happy to play the role of a part-time mutt.

Let’s just say we hit it off from the start. Leda adored long walks and there was a fabulous beach right on her doorstep. She also loved to teach me tricks, like balancing a chocolate drop on my nose and retrieving a hidden slipper.  ‘Seek it out!’ she’d yell, while I tried to find out where she’d put the damn thing.

I got to do stuff at Leda’s that wasn’t allowed at home. For a start, she would let me have breakfast sitting on her bed while she listened to her Italian language tapes and I swear I picked up a bit of Italian as I munched away. ‘Bellissimo Bonnie’  she’d always say.

She put on a birthday party when I turned two, with cake and wine for the rents and delicious doggy treats for yours truly.

She even gave a BBC radio interview about me and was proud as punch when I passed the tests to be a ‘Pets As Therapy’ dog.

Leda bought me a heated pad for my crate, a giant bean bag to lounge on and matching Cornish tartan leads so I could look smart on our walks.

And boy did we enjoy those walks and runs on the beach. Whatever the weather, we were out there strutting our stuff and having loads of fun.

It wasn’t all exercise though. Leda loved to read, especially when the sun was out and she could take a book out into the garden. I’d sit there guarding, watching out for predators and those pesky rabbits. If anyone came our way, I’d be ready to defend the patch – well send out a warning anyway.

When the rents went off to Bermuda last January for a whole three weeks, me and Leda had the best of times. Log fires, long winter walks and occasional trips to one of my favourite pubs, the Sand Bar in Praa Sands. If I had to be way from my rents, this was definitely the cosiest place to be.

Then something happened last February. Leda had been feeling a bit unwell and had to go into hospital for treatment. She put up a hard fight against the illness but in the end it took her away far too young.

Me and the rents will never forget Leda. Her smile, her playfulness, her generosity and she was the best minder a little dog could ever wish for.

Of course our hearts are broken but we’ll focus on all the good times we had and, as her middle name was ‘Rose’, there will be a rose planted in our garden named after her.

RIP Leda from your little pal and thank you for being the amazing person that you were.

To quote that song at your funeral a few days ago ‘enjoy yourself…it’s later than you think…’

So, remembering all those fantastic times we had, woof and out…


  1. Wonderful. We were all so lucky to have had Leda (& Pete) in our lives but Bonnie expresses those thoughts & gratitudes better than we ever could. 😰

    • Thanks John – a wonderful woman. We didn’t get to meet Pete but heard a lot of great things about him. Leda adored Bonnie and we all adored her. x

  2. Wonderful little tribute to Mum, she loved having Bonnie around. Thanks to you and Paul for coming to say goodbye on Thursday X

    • Ah – thanks Spencer, that means a lot. Leda and Bonnie adored each other and we couldn’t have got a better person to look after her. We’ll sort out that drink in the Sand Bar when you all feel up to it. You gave a terrific tribute to your mum on Thursday and we were glad we could be there with Mary. x

  3. What lovely words from a lovely dog, about a truly lovely lady. She loved Bonnie lots and lots. Thank you for coming on Thursday, it was lovely to meet you xx


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