Remembering Lynda and pup’s first road trip…..

On a recent trip ‘up country’ I heard the sad news that actress Lynda Bellingham had died. I was privileged to work with Lynda in the late 1990s on an ITV popular factual series about the work of RSPCA inspectors.

Despite filming in some difficult circumstances, Lynda was always the true professional and a joy to work with. She was funny, unstarry and uncomplaining – not something you can say about some other celebrities despite their ‘friendly’ on screen personas. The tributes were deserving and heartfelt and I’ve still got the lovely hand written note she sent after we finished filming – a thoughtful gesture so typical of her.

‘She had a terrific personality didn’t she?’ a camera man who worked on the series remarked after the news of her death broke. She certainly did and it’s not a bad way to be remembered.

Over to Cornish cockapoo, Bonnie, for her latest take on life.

‘Hiya folks,

Made my first trip ‘oop North’ with the rents and coped well with the long journey. Didn’t whinge once in the car which bagged me some brownie points. (More pats and treats – yeah!).

Mind you, did have a massive strop about my bedroom on the first night – after all a gal can’t be a model pooch all the time. Still, had a ball with the relatives and in the end I got to like the old cottage we were staying in, creaks and all! Glad to be back in Cornwall though and I missed the sniff of the sea.

Let’s face it, Bonnie is a salty dog at heart and now that I can go on the beach there’s no stopping me. Just need a cool surfing buddy to really get me going. Woof and out….



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