Pub talk, Poldark and Pie-Bald Bonnie…..

The main talk in our local pub last Sunday was the new Poldark drama. Will it be as good as the 1970s original?

Will it result in the A30 getting even more jammed over the coming months?

Could Aidan Turner be the sexiest leading man to hit our screens for quite a while?

The usual stuff of light pub banter and quite rightly so.

Well the first Poldark episode – always notoriously difficult – got off to a flying start.

Yes, one of the fight scenes went on a bit and descended into silliness.

Yes, someone said they had spotted what looked like a very 21st century burglary alarm lurking in the background.

But overall it is escapist Sunday evening drama at its best and the reviews so far have been pretty good.

I expect we will experience a ‘Poldark effect’ with even more visitors arriving this spring and summer, which will be great

news for the local tourist industry.

As for the A30, let’s just hope that everyone from ‘oop country’ staggers their journeys.

And Aidan Turner? Well he really is drop dead gorgeous isn’t he?

So that’s last week’s pub debate sorted then.

Now over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo, for her news…

Hiya folks,

My coat has started to grow back, so I’m feeling a whole lot warmer.

Well, that and the sun poking its head out from time to time.

Been riding out a lot in my rents’ open top car now the weather has got warmer.

And don’t I just love it? Wind in the fur, outside smells, other mutts looking on enviously.

Hey, I’m a soft top kind of gal and prefer it to that other big boring sensible set of wheels.

Now then – everyone has been talking about a stupid dress. Is it black and white or gold and blue? (Who the hell cares?).

So here’s my challenge – is my coat red, gold or blonde?

I see myself as a blondie but I did overhear one of my rents calling me a ‘ginger whinger’, the cheek.

So which is it? Let’s get viral!

Bonnie in the sun

PS: I’m told I’ve got to help promote my rent Maggie’s new book ‘Dear Mr DJ’ . Hey ho….


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