Priorities and Bonnie the new PAT dog…..

There’s been a longer than usual gap between this blog and the last – my excuse, it’s been a busy time!

First a trip ‘oop North’ to see family, friends and to meet with my co-author/book collaborator.

Then trying to complete the second of the ‘Dilemma Novella’ series, along with a new short story.

Throw in some work meetings and preparing our cockapoo, Bonnie, for her first visit as a ‘Pets As Therapy’ (PAT) dog- more about that later. Well you get the picture.

Having said all this, various things have happened recently – one involving a close friend – which underlines the truth of the saying ‘health is wealth’.

People often say how an accident or health scare made them appreciate what is really important in life. It’s a shame that it often takes a crisis before those priorities are realised.

So with my friend in mind, hubby and me have decided to stop putting off all those things we’ve been meaning to do. First off is a trip to Madeira, a favourite place and then there’s more travel planned for the rest of the year. Yeh – it’s a case of  simply ‘going for it’ and making the other commitments fit in around those trips. Somehow it will all work out.

Meantime, Bonnie dog will have her very own holidays with her lovely minder, Leda. Talking of Leda, she was interviewed recently on a BBC radio phone-in and just happened to mention how she looks after Bonnie from time to time.

Her words were so sweet and it made us appreciate how much they both get out of the relationship. Dogs are brilliant therapy and less expensive than a personal trainer or counsellor.

Which neatly brings us to Bonnie’s latest role as one of the national group of ‘Pets As Therapy’ dogs. It’s a fantastic initiative allowing specially assessed animals to visit care homes, hospitals and even schools. Everyone wins – the animals get great socialisation and bring smiles to the faces of people they are visiting.

Care home residents often have to give up their own pets, so a visiting animal can raise their spirits. Bonnie’s first outing to our local Leonard Cheshire care facility was a real success, with lots of laughter and pats.

One little dog doing some good then. Now over to Bonnie for her own take on things….

Hiya folks,

Seems like this Bonnie girl is in demand!

First my visit to the Leonard Cheshire centre where I had an absolute ball. Lots of  treats, strokes and banter. What’s not to like?

I think it went down well as I’m booked in for another visit in a few weeks time. Hey ho – can’t wait for that.

As for my little pal Tui, the handsome Havanese, he’s still not been able to come out and play due to his injured back. But he did buy me a box of doggy heart shaped treats for Valentine’s Day – go on, everyone say ‘aah’ – which is all very well but no subsitute for the real thing.

I’m told he’ll be better soon, so I just have to be a patient gal. Hmm. See the little photo below of me and Tui (he’s the looker on the right!) before he hurt his back.

Oh and another bit of news. Apparently I’ve been a bit of a local celebrity with my minder doing a radio interview thingy on the BBC.

Next I’ll be turning up in one of those Cornish TV dramas – you think I’m joking? As I’ve said before, this gal needs an agent!

Woof and out…’




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