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Thanks for stopping by at my website. You can find out more about me and my books here. I’ll be doing regular blogs about my life and work, with updates from our dog Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo.


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West End Gal: my latest blog posts

Interview, bizarre coincidences and Bonnie dog news

There has been a lot going on recently, so just easing back into the writing business with Bonnie the ‘dog blogger’ taking a back seat again. Not her favourite spot! A few weeks ago I got a request to do an interview with a journalism student as part of a final university degree assignment.  It’s […]

Birthday, Radio Talk, Beach Clean and Giant Man Engine!

Hiya folks, Bonnie is back in pole position as the doggy blogger! There’s been lots going on here and I’ve just celebrated my – ahem – 4th birthday in style. Home made cake and something called Prosecco for the two legged lot and some yummy mutt treats for little ol’ me. (Hmm, perhaps I should […]

Little Big Things….

A few words from me this time before handing back over to Bonnie the dog blogger… We recently had a note slipped through our letter box saying that we’d been short listed for a ‘Marazion In Bloom’ award. There had been no entry made from us, so after making some inquiries we found out that […]

RIP Leda, true friend and best ever dog minder…

Hi from Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo… This time around I’m going to dedicate the blog to my late friend and regular minder, Leda. I first met the lovely Leda in July 2015, when my rents were looking for somewhere for me to stay while they were away. (I know – how can they bear […]

London Calling and Doggy Talk

Hiya  folks, Another post from Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo… Back from my big trip to London and didn’t I cope well? Let’s face it, the city is a bit different from my usual Cornish seaside patch. Hell, I even put up with the long drive down – isn’t the traffic around Knightsbridge just hideous […]

Bonnie the Cornish cockapoo celeb…

Hiya folks, Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo is back again and what a crazy few weeks it has been! Lots of people dropping by on their Cornish holidays, garden party planning, little ol’ me featured on the front cover of rent Maggie’s new box set of books. If this wasn’t enough, I’ve been invited to […]

Writers, a coincidence and a namesake cousin!

First a short message from Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo… ‘Ahem folks, I know I’m supposed to be the doggy star of the blog but this time rent Maggie is grabbing back the slot. So here is a quick piccy of me to be going on with and trust me, I’ll be back!’ So over […]

Busy Summer Ahoy!

Hi folks, Time for another posting from little ol’ me, and not before time! The weather is getting better and it seems that a good chunk of the country is making its way down to my Cornish patch. Talk about busy and we haven’t even hit summer yet…not that I’m complaining. Looks like we’ll be […]

Bonnie the Mutt Blogger Calling….

Hey – it’s little ol’ me again, Bonnie the dog blogger. Just got back from a great break away with my rents – we stayed in a cottage right up in the Malvern Hills, so lots of great walkies and pub visits. (You guys know how much I love a good long stroll followed by […]