Out with the old and in with the new – dog blog!

Are you one of those people who gets excited by the arrival of a New Year?  Me too, despite the uncertainties and horrors that haunt the world stage.

Let’s face it, most people are fundamentally good even though the bad ones usually punch well above their weight – often literally.

So here’s to 2017, whatever it brings.

It’s also time to hand things over to Bonnie dog with the launch of her very own ‘dog blog’. (Of course, she’ll be giving snippets of news about her ‘rents’ from time to time).

Bonnie’s already quite a star in her own patch of west Cornwall – she’s been out with me on TV film sets, is a Pets As Therapy (PAT) visiting dog, has been mentioned in a BBC Radio interview, has been a charity collection magnet at our local supermarket and has her own ‘Bonnie’s Favourite Cornish Pubs’ Calendar. There’s even been a request for one to be made available to local visitors so they can see what dog friendly pubs she recommends!

So from now on, she’ll also be a lone blog star! Move over Maggie and make way for….drumroll….Bonnie the Very Cornish Cockapoo!

But before the mutt takes over completely, a few final thoughts. I’m currently coming to the end of the third novella in the Dilemma Novella triology – the one where the ongoing family dilemma saga comes to a conclusion. It will then be sent out to test readers for their reactions and published in March. A wee bit later than planned but it has to be right, with all those loose ends tied up good and proper.

I wasn’t entirely sure how the story would pan out but it has taken on a life of its own and endings are always the hardest to get right.

Writing a ‘serial novel’ has been a steep learning curve and I’m grateful for a story lining course I did a few years ago at the National Film and Television School, with Yvonne Grace who has worked on  Coronation Street and  other top dramas. Her advice on serial story telling was insightful and inspirational.

Once this latest book is out, the novel writing will be put on indefinite hold for a while. After writing a book a year since 2012  – including a number of short stories – on top of other work, it’s now time to focus on marketing and getting the books to a bigger readership. On that front there could be some exciting news in 2017 but that’s all I’m saying for now!

Unlike television production which is a team effort, writing can be quite lonely so it’s been great to get feedback from readers and book clubs. Another very successful novelist told me recently that she always cherishes those early book reviews – the ones she got before things really took off – and the fantastic support she received from other writers.

It’s amazing how people will line up to give congratulations once they sniff success by way of accolades and sales.  As my author friend said, it’s the people who’ve supported you on the rocky road up that really deserve appreciation.  Too true and that goes for all aspects of life .

Now for Bonnie’s big announcement – in her own words…

Hiya folks,

Well, well. I was gob smacked to hear that this space will now be handed over to little ol’ me.

I mean, who’d have thought it? Me the doggy blogger, with her own space to rant and rave. Yeah!

Now I’ve gotta think of things to write for my followers. That’s gonna be the hard bit but I’m sure I’ll cope.

Still basking in the glow of my Calendar, I’ve started to get a bit of interest from outside the friends and family. My handsome Havenese beau Tui can now look at me every day and see what’s he’s missing. Actually, he’s recovering well from his back injury and we’ve even had a few play dates recently.

Still, I’m playing hard to get because there are another few potential suitors lurking around. (Not naming names Tui  – but you just might know some of them!)

Anyway, time to get the thinking cap on for future blogs. While the rents are off on holiday later this month, I’ll be staying with my lovely minder Leda over in Praa Sands. I’m sure I’ll get inspiration there and I’ll be raring to go by the time you hear from me again.

Woof and out for now…’



  1. That is such a fabulous photograph of Bonnie .
    The calendar ( I am a proud owner of one )
    Is such a clever idea and I am sure you
    Will enjoy seeking out other ‘watering holes ‘
    For Bonnies 2018 Calendar .
    Happy New Year to the three of you xxx Leda

    • Thank you Leda! You might make an appearance in the next one!


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