New Year and Bonnie dog dreams…

The first full week of the New Year is always a weird one.

Trying to get back into work mode after the Christmas celebrations, taking down the decorations and remembering t0 wish people Happy 2016 – usually ad nauseum.

Then there are all those predictable ads for diets and keeping fit, after weeks of being bombarded with images of festive food and sickly sweet drinks. And all this just when your cupboards are still groaning with those giant boxes of chocolates and biscuits left over from – you’ve guessed it – Christmas.

Yikes. It’s enough to drive you to drink but then January is always the time to release those health stories about the effects of alcohol on your poor old liver. Dry January anyone? You know you want it. (Not).

So what to make of this strange annual juxtaposition of excess and detox?

The singer Joe Jackson once wrote that everything gives you cancer and to a large extent this is true. If you lived on a diet of broccoli and seaweed, I’m sure it might add a few years to your life – providing it hasn’t been sprayed with cancer causing chemicals to keep it looking good on the supermarket shelves.

Yes, we could drink nothing but water but then which water? Tap, stream or bottled? Again, watch out for those pesky chemicals.

Nah – that old adage ‘a little of what you fancy…’ makes a lot of sense. That way you can enjoy living rather than ‘existing’ and just look at those long living Greek islanders who down meats. cheeses and wines way over the recommended daily doses for health.

They must be doing something right and I suspect it’s all about limiting stress, enjoying the here and now, while not obsessing too much about supposedly good and bad food or drinks.

So here’s to the Mediterranean diet which consistently proves to be the healthiest one around. Basically it’s a bit of everything with lots of fresh veg and – wait for it – a few glasses of wine.

Mind you, they also have a good bit of sun which always helps. Hang on though. That gives you cancer too.

Perhaps the only January solution is hibernation – now there’s a new health craze. Sleep and slim. No don’t laugh, in this crazy faddy world it really could catch on.

Now over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo, for her latest take on things….

“Hi ya folks,

Before you ask – yes, I did have a belter of a Christmas.

Plenty of visitors and loads of pressies. My favourite is a smart Cornish tartan collar. (Black yellow white and blue for those not in the know).

Apparently I got that ‘cos I’m the only Cornish one in the house. There was also a big box of biccies from my boyfriend, the handsome Havanese Tui.

He’s still laid up by the way but apparently well on the mend.

I’ve been dreaming about our re-union. A run around the beach, a game of seaweed tug and then seeing who can dig the deepest holes in the sand.

Afterwards we’re back at the house, sharing a bowl of chicken and my favourite ‘smart bone’ chews. Followed by a lovely snooze in front of the wood burner.

Well a girl can always live in hope. Come on Tui, get yourself better soon.

I’ve also got some exciting news to share in my next blog but for now I’m under strict instructions not to say anything until some paper work thingies come through.

Bet that’s got you all wondering – so watch this space. I’ve put a copy of my ‘passport photo’ which I had done specially and it took several takes. Come on, who likes having to look straight into that camera and being told to sit still?  Oh, and I keep hearing peeps saying ‘Happy New Year’ so I’d better do the same. No idea what it means though.

Woof and out…”

Bonnie PAT


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