What is the best time of year to publish a new book? Some swear by the run up to Christmas but then you are hitting a crowded market, all competing for publicity.

When I published my debut novel in November 2012, I used my own journalistic skills to get some great press coverage. It’s all about knowing how to write a press release that actually gets noticed. Whether the publicity turns into sales is another matter but it certainly puts you out there on the author map.

Now that I’ve finished writing the second novel, (strictly speaking a shorter ‘novella’), I’m toying with the idea of publishing in February. The new book is one of a three part series – collectively called the ‘Dilemma Novellas’ – and I’ll need to get the follow-up out as quickly as possible. This means that I have to be a good way into writing the second novella before launching the first one. Yikes, what have I let myself in for?

As with the debut novel, I’m going straight onto Amazon, despite having good contacts in the conventional publishing world. A few years ago, I was in talks with several large publishers about a factual book and got to know some key people.

Why then go the direct Amazon route?

Well it is speedy, you can get book borrowers alongside buyers and it is relatively user friendly. What you don’t get is the marketing – that is down to you alone. Like before, there will be a physical book as well as an e-book and this time I have gone for a stand-out professionally designed cover from the talented Cornish based Spencer Smart.

So it’s looking like the new novella, ‘Dear Mr DJ’, will be launched in February and it deals with a hot ‘talking point’ subject. Watch this space….and now over to Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo pup for her latest news.

Hi folks,

Let’s face it, we cockapoos are known for our brains, cute looks and personality – we’re the doggy breed that has it all. (Me, big headed? No, just telling it like it is).

Anyway, my rents were reading about a new doggy intelligence test, a sort of IQ for mutts. Next thing, I’m being tested – the cheek of it. My male rent, Paul, put one of my biscuits in an upturned cup. Apparently if you are high up on the mutt IQ scale, you work out how to get to the treat in 8 seconds.

What, 8 seconds?! Yours truly flipped that cup over and snaffled that biccy in less than 3 – the rent was actually timing it, the saddo.

It looks like there are other stupid tests but no way is this girl going through all that rubbish. Bonnie knows where she stands on the brain front and trust me, it’s up there off the doggy scale.

That’s why I’ve managed to bag a new coat this week after doing an Oscar worthy act of shivering and looking hang dog. Nice shade of red, don’t you think?

Woof and out….’

New coat

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