The past week has been dominated by last minute proof readings and checks for my latest book, a ‘novella’ or shorter novel.

‘Dear Mr DJ’ spans the mid 1970s to the present day, and the main character is Debbie McKay, a recently widowed 50-something with a teenage daughter.

Debbie now lives in Truro after fleeing her Midlands home back in 1975. She is also harbouring a big secret from her teenage days and her life is thrown into turmoil when she decides to contact her first boyfriend, who she calls ‘Mr DJ.’

There are themes of teenage pregnancy, adoption, reunion, betrayal and finding love later in life.

The novella will ultimately be published as a 3-parter and I got this series idea after attending a course on drama ‘story lining’ – essentially plotting –  at the National Film and Television School. It was run by a leading story liner who has worked for Coronation Street and other major TV dramas.

Writing a serial book means plotting just like a continuing drama, although I still haven’t made my mind up how it will all end.

My first novel was set in Bermuda, where I was living at the time and now I’m here in Cornwall, it seemed apt to set the latest book in this beautiful county.

‘Dear Mr DJ’ is available now on Amazon in both Kindle form and as a paperback.

Meanwhile, Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo has been casting her eyes over the fabulously purple and 1970s disco themed cover, designed by Spencer Smart. By the look of things, I think she approves!

So over to Bonnie for her latest take on things….

‘Hiya folks,

Just been checking out my rent Maggie’s latest book cover.

Shame I can’t grab hold of that big glittery ball at the back – I’m well liking the look of it.

And check out my very latest hair cut. This time it took three hours and Pip, my groomer, took a photo of the big pile of fur lying on the floor.

I’m feeling a lot cooler now with all that weight off my back but It’s already starting to re-grow and I’ll soon be a more rounded furrier Bonnie again.

At least all those matty bits have gone and it looks like I’ll be having more regular trims to make sure they don’t come back.

On the plus side, the rents have stopped calling me ‘Knotty Nora’ and comparing me to that Boris Johnson chappy.

Honestly, the things we poor mutts have to put up with.

Woof and out….’


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