Motor Homing in Wales, writing news and Bonnie dog photo…

Well September was supposed involve a motor home visit to the west coast of France but with the current Covid restrictions those plans had to be ditched.

So instead it was back to Wales and we managed to fit in our road trip just before a large part of that beautiful country also went into stricter lockdown. Which just goes to show how hard it is to make travel plans in these times. Or any plans come to think of it.

Still, we had a great time revisiting Cardiff and Aberaeron but also stopped over at Saundersfoot as well.

The Cardiff site has been a real find – adjoining the cricket ground with lovely parkland all around and you can stroll into the city along the river. Much of the city centre has been pedestrianised and although it was raining on the day we went there, we managed to find a dog friendly place to grab a bite of lunch, with the manager letting us sit in a quiet area inside. (Their usual practice is for people with dogs to sit outside at the umbrella covered tables but it was raining pretty hard!). So hats off to Old Havana in Cardiff centre where we had a great lunch admiring the Cuban wall photos and the fantastic vintage American Cadillac which graced the entrance.

While in Cardiff we met with a cousin of mine who I hadn’t seen for many years. It didn’t take us long to catch up on each others lives and it always amazes me how strong the connection is between extended family members. Something just clicks – a combination of shared DNA and history. We were so busy chatting that we forgot to take photos (no selfie sticks at the ready) but we’ll make up for that next time – my cousin has lived in Cardiff for a long time and has promised to give us a proper ‘locals tour’. Looking forward to that!


By the time we got to Aberaeron in Cardigan Bay, the sun was shining again and we were able to explore more of this little harbour gem. For a small place it has some great restaurants and is known for its honey ice-cream, one of the best I’ve tasted. Admittedly, it doesn’t sound the most promising of combinations and with a nod to Peter Kay’s garlic bread joke, ( ‘Honey- ice-cream?’), trust me it works. If you are in the area check out The Hive – a great eaterie and that honey ice-cream supplier.

After the road trip to Wales it was straight into writing a piece for a social work heritage book being published soon by the British Association of Social Workers. (BASW). My contribution looks back at social work over the decades and projects into the future as well – it is always hard trying to second guess what could happen in the coming years but I’ve given it a go. With my journalism background I enjoy writing for factual publications and was delighted to be asked to get involved.

More about that nearer to the publication date – the ambitious heritage project also features photographs, music and poetry. It is a testimony to a profession which is often both misunderstood and undervalued. Having said that, Covid-19 has also led to a greater appreciation of the caring professions across the board and not before time.

Some of you will have seen a selection of photos I’ve been sharing widely on social media. They were taken by my friend and talented photographer, Russ Ahearne and feature the latest book ‘ Shorts and Thoughts’ in beautiful settings across West Cornwall. We recently did some with yours truly, my husband Paul and Bonnie dog, which were taken at our home in Marazion.

I should have known from my time filming the TV series ‘Animal Rescuers’, that animals and photography can be a tricky mix! As someone who loves dogs, Russ finally cracked it – he got his fiancee Lucy, (also a dog lover), to get Bonnie to sit down beside her. When Lucy thought the time was right she signalled across, gently let go of the lead and moved sideways quickly. A few fast camera clicks and it was done. Here’s one with Bonnie looking straight on to the camera and rocking a Cornish tartan Bandana.

Bonnie dog and Cornish tartan Bandana – Photo @hamilton-ahearnephotography

Finally, dare I mention Christmas?!

If you know someone who enjoys short stories then pop them a copy of ‘Shorts and Thoughts’ as a stocking filler. With half of all book proceeds going to the Social Workers’ Benevolent Trust charity you’ll be helping a good cause as well. Here is the link


Book on the beach – Photo @hamilton-ahearnephotography

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