Motor Home Lessons, Cornwall Reading and Library Talk…

To say that Motor Home ownership is a steep learning curve is putting it mildly. Just when you think you are getting to grips with all things MoHo, up pops another problem to get your head around.

Still, learning new stuff is good for the brain and there is nothing like being able to set off at a whim. (Or whenever there is a break in the rainy weather, as has been the case over the past few months).

One of the biggest challenges is using the MoHo as our one and only form of transport, with no extra car or bikes. This means pitching up at sites where you can walk easily to a nearby town – or at least to a local pub or restaurant – especially when you are staying for several days.

From this point of view, membership groups like the Caravan and Motorhome Club are proving invaluable. Joining up gets you some discounts and reliable information about the proximity of sites to towns, villages or eateries.

Recently we stopped over for a couple of days in Porlock, a lovely Somerset town and found a site which is just a five minute walk from the centre. Our pitch (costing £20 per night) included an electric hook-up and although we didn’t use the shower facilities – we have our own – they were there if you wanted them.

OK, the weather was what you might call ‘mixed’, but we still managed a good walk and a few visits to pooch Bonnie’s favourite places – the local pubs! (Well lets face it, we’re not averse either).

As you’d expect, Porlock is a dog friendly town – again we are learning that it is best to seek out places where you know mutts are welcome. So far so good on that score, given that Cornwall has set the – ahem – ‘bar’ pretty damn high.

Yet another lesson learned the hard way when MoHo travelling in winter. Relentless rain makes for lashings of mud on wheels, bodywork, boots and those dog paws! A decent foot mat sorts out us humans with Bonnie dog getting used to regular paw swills – safe to say not her favourite thing. Heading out this time of year really does mean leaving the clean up until you get home.

Muddy paintwork? Just embrace it darling!

My book on the move was ‘Summer at the Cornish Cafe’ by Phillipa Ashley. It was a Christmas present from my niece and a bit of summery escapism at this time of year.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect but found it a light, feel-good read from someone who knows (and clearly loves) Cornwall. The writer lists ‘watching Poldark’ as one of her hobbies and in essence this is a modern take on Poldark – the tin mine is replaced by an eco-friendly holiday business and Ross P is called Cal Penwith. Demelza keeps her name but it is abbreviated to a more hip sounding Demi.

Cal returns from a stint in the Middle East to the neglected family holiday business left by his late father and in steps young Demi. Bright as a button and in dire need of a job, she has a dog in tow as well. Meanwhile hunk Cal is still pining for his previous girlfriend, (now engaged to someone else), and you get the drift – damn it, we even know that he looks a bit like the actor Aidan Turner.

With the first person narration coming from the two main characters, the style takes a little while to get used to but overall it is an easy read and perfect for a holiday in Cornwall or just for a bit of chill out ‘me’ time. The door is left open for the next installment and on the basis of this one, I’ll be keen to read the rest.

Talking of books, I was delighted to give a recent talk at St Just Library and to get my publications onto their shelves, nifty plastic protective covers and Cornwall County Library inner bar-code included! Never mind all those TV production credits, and the newspaper/magazine bylines – having your own books in the library is right up there.

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