Mindfulness and Bonnie dog’s poorly friend…

There’s been a bit of a gap since my last blog and to put it mildly, the last few weeks have been hectic.

A new university role, working on the book collaboration and trying to finish my follow-up to the novella ‘Dear Mr DJ’ – and that’s before fitting in the rest of everyday life!

Time management is the key but even I’m beginning to think ‘whoa’. There are only so many hours in a day and it’s important to have time out to catch your breath and take stock.

With that in mind – and having read Ruby Wax’s book ‘Sane New World’ – I’ve decided to be stricter about factoring in rest time. Ruby’s book deals with slowing down, pacing yourself and practising  ‘mindfulness’, a fancy term for appreciating the moment.

After experiencing her own mental health problems, Ruby decided to study neuro-science and learn how the brain works. The message is simple: taking time out to rest the mind and focusing on the here and now actually improves brain functioning. Yes, sometimes less really can mean more.

Time then to factor in things that temporarily take you out of the world of work and multi tasking. Little things like walking, watching a great film or cooking something simple from scratch – all of these encourage you to be in the moment.

It explains the huge success if those adult colouring books that have taken the publishing world by storm. And who would have have thought they’d be so popular in our hi tech gadget laden world?

Now over to the ‘living in the moment’ expert, Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo….

‘Hi ya folks,

I’m missing my boyfriend Tui, the handsome Havanese. The poor thing has been laid up with something called a ‘prolapsed disc’ whatever that is. Sounds horrible and apparently is it. 

He’s had to go for a scan at a place hundreds of miles away and is now confined to his house. So no play dates for a while – boo hoo.

Get well soon Tui cos this gal’s keen to clap eyes on you again.

My rent Paul and me have been having fun chasing rabbits from our garden. They look cute but have no right to be on my patch, pooping everywhere and making holes. That’s my job – tee hee.

Then there are those TV programmes featuring poor mutts needing a home. They are my favourites along with Channel 4 news – I’m a brainy ‘part poodle’ afterall. 

Woof and out….’

POG viewing

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