Lovely Jan and cockapoo Bonnie latest…

Now for a confession.

I actually like January. Repeat – yes like January.

I know it has a bad reputation as a miserable month, Christmas decorations all gone, bills coming in and terrible weather.

So time then to celebrate the upside of poor old Jan and in typical British fashion, I’ll kick off with the weather.

Here in Cornwall it’s been pretty damn good so far – hell I know I’m tempting fate here – with unseasonably balmy temperatures and even ‘T’ shirts getting a winter look in.

My car ‘soft top’ has been down several times this week and somehow Spring doesn’t seem that far away. OK, it’s not the same story all over the country but we are sure enjoying the early January days down this way.

Then there’s the start of a new year and the chance to begin afresh. Whether you call it ‘resolutions’ or ‘plans’ or simply ‘thinking ahead’, January is the month to get them going.

For me it’s starting my second Novella. I’m aiming to be at least three quarters of the way through it before I launch the first one of the series at the end of February. A tough deadline but it’s looking promising.

January is also a great month to take up those offers at local eateries, before they hit busier times.

Many have post Christmas deals and if your resolution is to lose weight, you can always be virtuous and go for the healthier options. Or make sure you combine it with a good walk before or afterwards. Simples.

Finally, January is the month when TV companies show case their big dramas and best factual programmes.

There is some fantastic viewing at this time of year and it’s a treat to settle down to a cracking bit of goggle box watching – in our case in front of a cosy wood burning stove – with a nice glass of tipple in hand.

Yes here’s to good old January. What’s not to like?

Now over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo….

‘Hi there folks,

Well didn’t I do well for my first Christmas?

New fleecy bed, over coat and plenty of tasty treats. Lots of people dropping by too and extra walks on the beach. Hey, this is a brill time of year!

The rents have been muttering about me getting another hair cut. They’ve been saying that I’m starting to look a bit like that Boris Johnson chappy again, the cheek.

So it looks like I’m in for another trim soon, with the lovely Pip at ‘Just Pet Care’. Can’t say I’m looking forward to all that clipping away at my lovely coat but hey ho – if I play along and look hang dog, I can always bag myself a new toy.

Meantime, I’ve been trying to be a good gal and help the rents with the house cleaning – see the pic of me with a duster to show I’m not making it up. Woof and out…’


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