London Calling and Doggy Talk

Hiya  folks,

Another post from Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo…

Back from my big trip to London and didn’t I cope well?

Let’s face it, the city is a bit different from my usual Cornish seaside patch. Hell, I even put up with the long drive down – isn’t the traffic around Knightsbridge just hideous darlings? By the way, that last bit is me putting on my posh city voice.

Still, once there it was straight on to another balcony with a water view. The rents kept cooing over the fantastic views across the Thames and something called Millenium Bridge. Me? Just couldn’t stop looking at the river boats and all those people crossing the bridge.

I was given my own comfy bed to lounge on thanks to the lovely Kevin and Angela who own the apartment. They also treated me to a stash of Waitrose doggy sausages – I was especially taken with the Venison ones. I mean, how pampered can a girl get?

Talking of upmarket, I also got to stay with Kevin and Angela in their gorgeous place on the opposite side of the river. Even more stunning views – their terrace is enormous – and I got to wander around like a celebrity. (Trust me, there are several real celebs connected to that building).

While the rents were off doing their own thing, I went for a stroll with my new best mates to Tower Bridge.

For some reason they wouldn’t let me go into the pubs I fancied the look of – as you know I like a good pub – but it was great to be strutting around the big city.

Yes, think a gal could get used to it, even though I love a beach. What I really need is the best of both and take it from me, this Cornish mutt will be happy to hit those city lights again.

No sooner got back to my seaside patch, when it was time for the rents to give a talk about little ol’ me and my work as a visiting ‘Pets As Therapy’ (PAT) dog. The room was packed out and I got to meet some lovely people from the St Just Memory Cafe. If I could have given out autographs I’d have done so but instead had to make do with lots of pats.

It must have gone down well because me and the rents have been invited to do some other appearances. At this rate I’ll be getting even more star struck if that’s possible.

Now just remind me again – which is my best side for photos?

Woof and out…

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