Little Big Things….

A few words from me this time before handing back over to Bonnie the dog blogger…

We recently had a note slipped through our letter box saying that we’d been short listed for a ‘Marazion In Bloom’ award. There had been no entry made from us, so after making some inquiries we found out that yes, we were on the list and that there was to be a presentation evening at the local ‘Cutty Sark’ pub and restaurant.

It had been a busy few days in the run up to the event and it was a bit hit and miss as to whether we would get there,

In the end we did go along, and I’m so glad we made the effort. The room was packed out and only expecting to get a commendation, we were genuinely gob-smacked when we won the ‘buildings with gardens’ category.  It seems that our flower boat and matching garden beach hut style shed caught the eyes of the judges, alongside a public display of sunflowers and pots at the side of our house. (We’re on a corner plot so decided to make a bit of an effort this year for passers by to enjoy).

To be honest, I’ve never paid much attention to these sorts of awards but they do acknowledge people who put in the effort to make public spaces more welcoming, cheerful and colourful. Lots of people have commented on our flower boat and shed as they pass by the house and some have even taken photographs. During the presentation evening we heard about the many people in our town who do their bit to make it look even more lovely and welcoming to the thousands of visitors who arrive all year around, especially in the busiest summer months.

It got me thinking about what it means to be a part of a community and the little but ultimately big things that together create a sense of belonging.  Since we’ve been living here, the Marazion Christmas lights have got bigger and better and that’s all down to the volunteers who raise the funds and make it happen. Every summer there is a fantastic Carnival and again the volunteer organisers do brilliant work.

We’re delighted by our unexpected garden accolade and of course we’ll be doing it all again next year. In a world where things can sometimes seem frightening and depressing, these ‘little big things’ that make up community spirit can help us remember that it’s not all doom and gloom.

So thanks for the acknowledgement and here’s a couple of pics to show you before handing back to Bonnie dog….



Hiya folks,

Me again and guess what?

Been enjoying having some workmen stomping around the place. My favourite spot on the stairs has been out of bounds for a few days while the carpenter has replaced the rails and wooden upright posts which will soon get some glass panels put inside. Should look great and I’ve been warned already not to get my ‘nose art’ on the glass. 

We’ll see about that!

Then there’s the swanky new stair carpet to go with it and do you know what? It is pretty much the same colour as me.  I say ‘champagne blonde’ but the carpet fitters say ‘Panama sand’. Whatever, I’d better be careful about hanging around there too much or I just might get trodden on.

I’m looking forward to Christmas already and there’ll be plenty of people popping by.  It also means more treats and trips to my favourite pubs. (You’ll know from my calendar that this girl loves a good Cornish pub).

Meantime, I’m testing out that new stair carpet and will be ready to press my nose up to that glass when it arrives.

Come on, you know the score. Tell a mutt like me not to do something and it will do exactly the opposite.

Those rents of mine should have learned that by now.

Woof and out…’



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