Heatwaves, writing news and Bonnie dog’s rosette….

Yeh – summer has finally arrived with a heatwave across the country.

While it’s hot here in west Cornwall, living by the sea means that we get that lovely cooling breeze – it’s pleasantly warm rather than uncomfortably so.

Marazion has been busy but it’s very much a day visitor place, so things quieten down in the evening.

Early summer evenings are my favourite times, sitting on our balcony and staring out to sea. Of course the view is made better by a glass of chilled vino – but isn’t that always the case?

On the writing front, I’m now two thirds of the way through the second of the ‘Dilemma Novella’ trilogy. The plan is to get it out by the autumn and the final one of the series will be finished in time for Christmas.

Then the serious work of marketing all three books begins – a big step up from the more gentle ‘drip drip’ approach so far.

And after that? Well, there is an exciting prospect of collaborating with another award winning writer on a film screenplay and getting a literary agent on board. So with all that – and some other journalism/post graduate research work – things are only going to get busier.

Better make the most of this scorchio summer then.

Now over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo, for her latest news….

‘Hiya folks,

Hey didn’t his girl I do well?

Yet another rosette to add to my stash….

This time it was in the ‘best cross-breed’ round of a local dog show and as usual, Bonnie was on sparkling form!

Though I did over hear someone saying that ‘cross breed’ is really a posh term for mongrel – the cheek of it.

Come on – it’s all just a bit of fun really, raising money for charity and mucking around with other mutts. 

Yes, those doggy shows are great places to flirt and strut your stuff. What’s not to like?

Not too sure about this hot weather mind. At least I’ve got a nice short coat – I’m feeling sorry for those longer haired dudes huffing and puffing in the summer heat.

Anyway, here’s a piccy of little ol’ me and my latest rosette. Nice one eh?

Woof and out….’

New rosette



  1. Hi Maggie,

    Just having a read of Bonnie’s blog, i especially like the pub review and the dog show story!

    Mine names Russell by the way, but you will know me as Tui the black Havanese’s owner!

    I was telling my mum and dad how Tui has taken a real shine to Bonnie and they were chatting with a friend in church who lives near you, Vivienne, anyway she mentioned your blog and it makes a really enjoyable read.

    Nice to put a name to the face aswell, rather just saying hello to Bonnie but not her owners!

    Best wishes.

    • Hi Russell –
      Good to hear from you. Yes Vivienne is a good friend of ours and I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! It’s funny how Tui and Bonnie seem to really get on – we’ll have to get them to have a proper run around together once we have trained Bonnie to come back when called. (She’s not quite there yet!). Thanks for getting in touch and I usually post a blog every 10 days or so – there’s another one due at the end of this week.

      Maggie (& Paul & Bonnie) 🙂 🙂


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