Garden Party, Carnival and Bonnie Dog Date

Two weeks ago we held a summer garden party for a group of our neighbours.

We did the same thing a couple of years ago, just after we moved into our house, and it was such a success that it just had to be repeated.

We held our breath and the sun came out right on cue. It was also a chance for some of our newer neighbours to get to know each other and for everyone else to have a good old catch up.

Of course, Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo, was in her element and loved all the extra attention – and the odd mini sausage snacks.

Then this weekend we had the re-scheduled Marazion Carnival, cancelled at the end of July due to heavy rain. This time the rain stayed away and coiniciding with a Bank Holiday break, the atmosphere was amazing. So too was the live music which appealed to all ages.

It got me thinking about the importance of community get togethers and the feel good factor they create. After our garden party, every one agreed that we need to socialise more often.

Will we do it? Somehow I think so.

Regular blog readers will already know that I’ve started a book collaboration, (a crime novel), with another writer. We’ve now got to the point – after ‘loosely’ writing around the key characters and settings – where we need to do some serious plotting. We set out out without a map and now we’re after the book equivalant of a Sat Nav.

So we are making notes on the backgrounds of our main characters, their psychology and motivations for what they do. We’re also constructing a detailed plot with various twists and turns.

It might sound a bit mechanical but it is essential before we start the big write up in the New Year.

We have also identified a book agent who we’ll approach once we are happy with the first two chapters. We’re planning on the traditional publishing route for this one and meantime, I’m also nearing the completion of the second in the ‘Dilemma Novella’ series – the follow up to ‘Dear Mr DJ.’ Phew.

There could be some exciting news on the work front as well but I’ll save that for the next blog. Now over to Bonnie for her latest thoughts…

‘Hi ya folks,

Been loving all the people and pooch meetings over the past few weeks.

My first garden party was a blast and as for the local Carnival – well let’s just say it was ace. Loads of mutts out and about and the smell of grilled meat in the air. Doggy heaven.

I even bagged myself a new red spotty neck tie which I’ll wear for my play date with Tui, the handsome Havanese.

Ah Tui. He gets more gorgeous every time I clap eyes on him and – ah hem – we can’t keep our paws off each other.

Anyway, my rents have been talking about me and Tui having some play time in our garden. I can’t wait and I’m sure he’ll love the swanky neck wear – suits me don’t you think?

Woof and out….’




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