End of summer, new role and Bonnie play date….

B&T3Blink and it’s gone. ‘Just like that’ as the late Tommy Cooper used to say.

This summer has passed in a blur – more mixed weather than last year and even more visitors to Cornwall.

The county has also become one big film set and surprise, surprise – another catch phrase – that’s the subject of a magazine feature I’ve just written. Make no bones about it, there’s a real buzz about the place which looks set to continue into the autumn and beyond.

Meantime, the book collaboration with another writer continues apace. We’re working on the main characters at the moment, fleshing them out and giving them their own distinctive voices. It’s a fascinating process and we’re both enjoying bringing the characters to life. The next stage will be the detailed plotting, with various twists and turns.  Eek.

It’s also been a busy time in the run up to my new University lecturing role, working alongside the next generation of magazine journalists and editors. Looking forward to starting next week on an exciting new feature writing module.

Now over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo, for her latest take on things…

‘Hi ya folks,

Well at last it’s happened. Me and Tui – the gorgeous Havanese I’ve had my eye on – have just had our first play date.

I say ‘first’ because I hope it will be the start of many.

What a blast. Tui turned up with his very own red and white neck tie which matched mine to perfection. Lovely jubbly.

We had a great run around the garden and then went indoors for chicken snacks bought by Tui. (Well maybe it was his rent Russell who paid but who cares?).

Then we had races up and down the stairs to work off the calories. There was the odd play fight to keep things interesting – I won most of them of course but let Tui win from time to time just to be a nice gal.

Anyway, that important first date has made me realise that Tui is the one for me. So roll on the next date and by then I’ll have a new hair cut – my rents have started to call me ‘Hairy Mary’ again.

Hey ho, life is good. Woof and out...’



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