Early Christmas and Bonnie dog’s new beach…

As someone who has a birthday in early December, I’ve always linked this personal milestone with the build-up to Christmas.

Not any more though. Increasingly the run-up to Christmas starts in September and by November it’s in full throttle. That’s a whopping three month creep towards the big day and there’s something weird about seeing Christmas produce on shop shelves in early autumn.

Of course Christmas is a big deal for companies trying to maximise their profits, but there is a danger of over doing the product push. You’re just getting used to the transition from summer to autumn and then – bang. Christmas is on it’s way.

Mid November seems a more natural place to start. That way you have a month to ease into the festive spirit, with a chance to catch your breath before launching into the round of parties and present buying.

Hang on though. What about Halloween? That’s another event getting a push in early September. As for Bonfire Night – well that has now been eclipsed by the Americanised Halloween rituals. Trick or treat? Wham bam thank you mam.

Hey ho. The autumn Halloween/Bonfire/Festive frenzy gets the tills ringing but I still hanker for the days when a birthday meant Christmas was really on its way.

That isn’t going to happen though – not when tills rather than bells are competing for the sound track to Christmas. Those pesky cash machines win every time.

Now over to Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo, for her latest update…

“Hi ya folks,

I’m still pining for my play pal Tui. In case you don’t remember, he’s the well handsome Havanese I’ve had my eyes on for some time and he’s laid up at the moment.

Poor Tui is still confined to his pad while he recovers from a prolapsed disc. Ouch. Just saying that makes me wince.

The good news is that he is on the mend. Meanwhile I’ve got to be a patient girly and be content with staring at his photo on my rents’ computer screen.

Come on Tui. Get better soon so we can chase those rabbits together and see off  the seagulls on the beach. (Sigh).

Talking of beaches, I’ve been taking to the sands at a new place called Praa Sands.

While my rents get a break from little ol’ me – although why they don’t want to be in my company 24/7 I’ll never know – I get to stay with the lovely Leda at her great home in Praa.

The local beach is to die for and Leda is my new part-time sitter. (Not that we do too much sitting!).

It’s always great to see my rents again but I’m enjoying my time at Leda’s place too.

A sandy beach and cosy Cornish stone cottage – what’s not to like for this lucky mutt?

Only thing missing is my lovely Tui. Just saying.

Woof and out….’







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  1. This little pooch has given me a new lease of life . One look at her adorable face is guaranteed to bring a smile to mine . Good Luck with tomorrow’s test to become a PAT dog , if you succeed I just know you will bring a great deal of happiness to an awful lot of people xxxxxx Leda


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