Dog Blog – Bonnie the very Cornish Cockapoo Takes Over!

Hiya folks,

If you’ve been reading this blog spot, I’m usually the little ‘footnote’ – the bit that comes after my rent Maggie’s piece.

Not any more though! From now on, Bonnie’s the star of the show and about time too if you don’t mind me saying so. (Tough if you do).

Anyway, for those of you not already in the know, here’s a bit about little ol’ me, the west country cockapoo with attitude…..

First off, I’m not really that old – just three at the end of next month – and I’m a Cornish gal through and through. (Born in St Austell).

I now live with my rents in Marazion – just across the road from an awesome beach and St Michael’s Mount – and I’ve got loads of local doggy friends including my bestie, a handsome Havanese called Tui. More about him later.

When the rents Maggie and Paul are away, (how they can even bear to leave me is still a mystery!), I stay with my lovely minder, Leda. over at nearby Praa Sands. There’s another beach to die for and even more doggy pals to run around with. Leda teaches me tricks and it’s like a holiday when I stay there – a deep memory foam mattress in my overnight crate and a new comfy bean bag to lounge about in. Of course I miss the rents – I have to say that don’t I?- but Leda’s place is something else, a real home from home.

Once a week I go visiting a care home as a ‘Pets As Therapy’ dog and it’s great seeing everyone there. I always get loads of treats and pats and I’m told that I make everyone smile, which is no bad thing to do in life.

What else should you know about me? My favourite snack is ‘a Smart Bone’, especially the beef flavoured ones, and I love a bit of roast Lamb if the rents have it on the menu. Just saying.

I’ve also featured in a Calendar with me posing outside my favourite Cornish dog friendly pubs. Some people have already asked for a copy of it for their holiday guests, so I think I’ll be pushing the rents for royalties. (Actually I’ll settle for a few extra Smart Bones as an early negotiation tactic).

Tui, the handsome Havanese, is my ‘boyfriend’ but I only see him from time to time because he’s taking a while to recuperate from a back injury.  Still, absence makes the heart grow fonder don’t you think? Roll on summer when we can hit the beach and share that specially made doggy ice cream he introduced me to.

My favourite room in the house is the new conservatory which I’ve named ‘Bonnie’s Crib’. Not far to run out into the garden but nice and cosy when it’s wet and windy outside. Rumour has it that I’ll be having a birthday party in there soon – I suppose you could call that ‘fake news’ but I’m putting it out there anyway and we’ll see what happens.

Well, that’s about it for now folks apart from some necessary pics of me, the newly appointed dog blogger. Can you believe it? Just writing that makes me blush. (Like hell it does – I just love my new opportunity to ‘paws’ for thought and write it all down).

Woof and out….’

Bonnie on stairs


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  1. What a gorgeous couple !


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