I’ve always had work that involves deadlines.

Whether it is writing for newspapers and magazines, or working on television programmes, every project has an all important deadline to be met.

The good thing is that it keeps you focussed and I’ve carried the discipline over to my book publications.

This time it is self imposed rather than being dictated by someone else but hey – a deadline is a deadline, even if it’s yourself cracking the whip. Ouch.

So February is going to be a big month of deadlines leading up to the publication of the first of my three part novella series.

‘Dear Mr DJ’ will be published on February 28 and the cover has already been designed by Spencer Smart. It looks great and as the story alternates been 1975 and the present day, there are some nice retro images.

Meanwhile, I’m already 10,000 words into the follow-up novella, ‘Decisions and Dilemmas’ – given that it is a book series, it is important that readers are not left hanging around too long for the sequel to ‘Dear Mr DJ’. No slacking then.

Add to this the publicity and a tie-in promotion in the run up to the publication date…well you get the picture.

Deep breaths as they say.

So watch this space and here’s a sneak preview of the cover.


Now over to Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo…

‘Hi ya folks,

Just had my coat trimmed – a really big cut this time.

My rents have been nick-naming me ‘Knotty Nora’, complaining that my baby fur has got all matted. Doh – as if I hadn’t already picked up on that one.

Anyway, Pip and her new grooming assistant at ‘Just Pet Care’, did a grand job on my coat, Can you believe it took two whole hours?!

The rents sloped off leaving me to it, but I was a good girly considering the pile of fur left on the floor.

I’m back for another cut next week and something tells me I’ll be feeling a bit colder until it all grows back.

A bonus is that I can now see better – nothing gets past me on walks and I can spot a stick or smelly bunch of seaweed from a few paces.

Yeh, even doggy haircuts have an upside!

Woof and out…’


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