Cornwall getting ready, a moving tribute – and Bonnie holed up!

We’re gearing up to Easter here in West Cornwall and already there is much talk about the ‘Poldark’ effect.

No, not just Aidan Turner’s impact on women of all ages – though that is a certainly there.

Let’s face it, Mr Turner is not the only one easy on the eye. So too is the incredible Cornish scenery, basking in last summer’s sunshine.

The prediction is that the county will now attract even more visitors wanting their real life fix of those beautiful TV shots.

It will be fascinating to see if this turns out to be the case. Certainly last summer’s amazing weather gave a boost to the tourist industry, so an added dollop of prime time TV coverage is likely to have another positive knock-on effect.

Meantime, for those of us lucky enough to live down here, it is that lovely time of year when you can still walk your dog on the beach and watch as the visitor preparations get underway.

Businesses are being given a new lick of paint, gardens tidied up and those little niche gift shops are stocking up.

It’s a bit like a huge community ‘make-over’ – an all over scrub, a manicure and a dollop of war-paint just to finish things off.

So hey you visitors out there – we’re ready for our close-up.

Talking of community, the thousands who turned out to pay tribute to the popular Falmouth police officer, Andy Hocking, made for a truly moving sight.

Andy died suddenly, aged just 52, and the idea was for people to join his family and colleagues on a walk along his usual Falmouth foot patrol.

Organisers expected several hundred but instead thousands turned out, literally ramming the streets of Falmouth.

It was a great and uplifting example of community support and not surprisingly, the pictures featured in a number of national newspapers.

The images represent a poignant mix of sadness for a life cut short and a celebration of his lasting impact on the community he loved.

His family must have been touched beyond words.

Now over to Bonnie for her latest take on things….

‘Hiya folks,

It’s been all go at chez Bonnie over the past few days.

What with a new front garden rockery being built and then a path laid all the way down the length of the back one.

Apart from the usual walks, (yeh – love those!), I’ve been holed up in the living quarters while the rent Paul and his helpers have been doing all the interesting stuff outside.

I’ve tried barking and whinging as a protest, but it hasn’t worked.

Instead, I’ve had to hang around the office with my other rent Maggie who is busy writing the follow-up to her new book and trying to sort out the publicity for the latest one.

Yikes – indoors ain’t for me. I’m an outdoor gal through and through and would rather be digging holes with the other guys.

Still, I’ve had extra rations of my favourite ‘smart bones’ – made of chicken and sweet potato no less – for being a good-ish mutt.

Hey-ho, looks like the garden work is finally coming to an end, so Bonnie can be out and about more.

Meantime, here I go again acting as a one dog book promotion agent to earn my keep….the things we pooches have to do. Woof and out. ‘


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