‘So what’s it like living by the sea in the dog days of winter?’ a friend asked me recently.

The question got me thinking and I’ll share some of my favourite things about the winter months in deepest west Cornwall.

Watching those wild waves is awesome in the full sense of that word. Even in a storm – and boy did we get hammered last winter – the sea never fails to fascinate. It’s great to see those hardy kite surfers taking on the full might of the Atlantic when the challenge is both ferocious and sometimes damn scary.

Walking along near deserted beaches, especially on those days when the winds drop and the winter sun pokes its head out. (It happens here on a regular basis – see photo taken today, November 11). There’s something magical about the light at this time of year which can make a land mark like St Michael’s Mount resemble a fairy tale castle.

The smell of wood burning stoves as the temperature dips. We’ve got one of these west Cornish must-haves and yes, it is sometimes a pain to get lit and needs constant cleaning out. But all is forgotten when the stove is in full flame on a chilly winter evening. It’s even better when you get to sit by one at any number of our fantastic local pubs, glass of favourite tipple in hand.

Being able to take advantage of some great local restaurant deals as they try to make up for fewer visitors. You can often get a wider choice of seating and are less likely to share your dining space with loud noisy groups. Christmas time excluded of course!

You can zip along the minor roads without being forced to give way every few minutes to a coach or camper van. That’s assuming the high winds don’t throw down nature’s own missiles . On a clear, dry day those country lanes can be worth exploring by car, bike or even on foot.

Of course there are lots of things not to like – damp walls, high humidity, having to walk the pet pooch in the pouring rain. The good thing about having a dog is that you’ve got to get out there whatever the weather throws at you. I’m now the proud owner of a bright pink pair of wellies and to answer my friend’s question – yes, life is still brilliant down here in the winter months. Honestly guv and here’s the proof….DSCN1570 (Copy)


Now over to the very Cornish cockapoo, Bonnie, for her latest missive….

‘Hey Folks,
Getting used to the drop in temperature and shorter days – more time for me to lounge in front of the fire and in my new bigger bed. (It’s the doggy equivalent of a Queen sized bed, so yours truly can have a good old stretch and even squirrel away some snacks).

Not enjoying all of the walks – especially when it’s pouring down. It’s all right for the rents with their things called umbrellas or hoods but poor old me has to put up with a drenched fur coat. Still, we sometimes run into a pub for shelter and that’s always a bit of fun.

I also hear that my first Christmas is coming soon and I’m guessing it will mean more treats for me. I’m holding out for a new water proof over coat but we’ll see. Woof and out….’



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