Cornish wedding and pup’s first sleep over….

Well we managed to keep it a secret – apart from our two good friends who we asked to be our witnesses.

On a sunny early December day – my birthday as it happens – we finally tied the knot after over 25 years of living together. ‘We’ being yours truly and my other half Paul.

Our chosen venue was the Guildhall in St Ives, in the ‘Mayor’s Parlour’ room. It has only been a wedding venue since this summer but judging from our experience, I think it will be a popular choice. Sarah, the Guildhall wedding organiser, was extremely helpful and friendly. Exactly the sort of person you want to have at the end of a phone when you need to check on things.

The ‘Mayor’s Parlour’ was just the right size for an intimate ceremony and I don’t suppose this can always be guaranteed, but the Mayoress herself even popped in to congratulate us. The Cornish blessing suggested by one of our witnesses was lovely and in the end we had the perfect ceremony for us – simple and low key.

We’ll be celebrating with friends and family over the coming weeks and months but to answer the frequent question we’ve faced, ‘why get married after all those years living together?’ the response is simple. Sometimes the time and place just feels right. It’s really as uncomplicated as that.

Our day was made even better when the St Ives Harbour hotel ungraded our room to a magnificent suite and I suspect one of our witnesses had something to do with that! The hotel restaurant comes highly recommended as well – we opted for the local produce menu and we weren’t disappointed. If you haven’t already tried it, give it a whirl.

Now over to pup Bonnie, who had her first sleep over at ‘Dog Collars’ dog sitter’s in Marazion, run by Dom and Hannah.

‘Hi folks,

I didn’t know what to make of it all at first. I mean I knew there was something up – my rents were spending a bit more time getting ready, perfume being sprayed, packages lying around. Something was definitely in the air and boy was I right.

Next thing I know, the rent Paul is plonking me at another house, with other mutts living there as well.

I recognised the place because I’d visited there a few weeks ago and liked the relaxed vibe – Dom the head honcho seemed like a cool dude with a dog collar. (He’s actually a real life vicar you know and that why the place is called ‘Dog Collars’ – get it?).

Anyway, I needn’t have worried. I made myself at home and even had a piccy taken with me chilling out watching TV with my temporary rents Dom and Hannah.

Don’t get me wrong, it was nice to see my real folks the next day but once I got used to things, it wasn’t a bad home from home.

The other mutts were friendly too and I even got to walk with Dom on his Christmas card round. I’ve now been roped into delivering my own festive cards – see photo of me getting ready to set off on a card run. Woof and out…’

Xmas card

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