So finally – Bonnie the Cornish cockapoo pup has landed at our home. She’s adorable, impish and totally demanding. Exactly what to expect from a new pup and we’re now tackling the hard stuff. A double whammy of toilet and cage training.
The ‘cage’ bit – where we leave Bonnie to sleep overnight in her cage and encourage her to spend some time in there during the day as well – is going OK so far. She had a good old protest whine and bark on the first night but we resisted the urge to go and pet her. Hard I know but necessary if you don’t want to share your bed forever with a pooch. Just in case you think her cage, (aka nest), resembles a prison cell, then rest assured. There’s a fluffy bed, fleecy blanket, hot water bottle and various toys. A place fit for a doggy diva!
Early toilet training is much more hit and miss, literally. Madam still has to get the idea that puppy pads are there to be used and that a ‘poop’ is supposed to arrive not too long after food. But hey – as I write it’s only day 3 and as the saying goes in Cornwall, she’ll pick things up ‘dreckly’. See Bonnie’s own take on things below….
Meantime, in the world outside Bonnieville, I’ve just been reading through the fantastic programme for the Penzance Literary Festival, (Litfest), which runs from July 16-20. With the BBC drama Poldark being filmed in Cornwall, writer Debbie Horsfield and executive producer Karen Trussell, are just two of the exciting line up of speakers. More about Lifest in future posts.
Since moving to Cornwall in 2012, I’ve been bowled over by the sheer number of talented artists living here. One of these is the fabulous Marazion based potter, Penn Boylan, and we’ve just acquired one of her latest Agapanthus range. Simply gorgeous eh?Agapanthus bowl
So over to Bonnie for the final say….
‘Hey folks – I’ve arrived in my new home with a bang. And don’t those new owners know it? If they think that I’m going to kip straight through the night in my den or poop to order, they can go hang. This Bonnie is her own girl and I’m only prepared to be good some of the time, strictly on my terms – if you get my meaning? What are owners for anyway, other than to play with and get some decent scran? I’ll have the pair of them trained up in no time, so watch this space. Woof and out… Bonnie 5

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