Here Comes Summer….!

One of the great things about having a seaside home is showing off the lifestyle to folk from ‘up country’. And what better way to celebrate my partner Paul’s birthday, than lunch with some visiting friends at the newly renovated Godolphin Arms in Marazion. It was great to see them taking in the views across the bay and St Michael’s Mount with the awe-struck eyes of holiday makers. There is nothing like the visitor wow factor to make you look at things afresh as well. Sometimes you can become blasé about beauty and it’s good to be reminded from time to time.
‘Do you feel like you are always on holiday?’ one of our friends asked. Truth is, no. But boy do I feel lucky living down here. After spending a year in the beautiful sub tropical island of Bermuda, we weren’t looking forward to coming back to the Blighty weather. Yet Cornwall on a sunny June day with good company, food and weather – well Bermuda it ain’t, but it’s not too far behind. The grim winter we’ve just had seems a long way off now.
As for our new cockapoo pup Bonnie, she’s coming on leaps and bounds. After taking her for a first ‘walk’ – she has just had her second injection so the real walkies will have to wait for a couple of weeks – I now realise what a social magnet a new pup is. We must have spoken to at least 8 strangers who couldn’t resist stopping and cooing over Bonnie. So what should have been a brief stroll to the beach and a sniff of sea air, stretched to almost an hour. Still, madam has taken it well and seems to be basking in all the attention. Meantime, we’ve met some fascinating people while bonding over the pooch. One couple, (who hadn’t clapped eyes on each other since 1979), have just been reunited after making contact through Facebook. I’d love to have been a fly on the wall during that first conversation!
Over to Bonnie now for her latest take on things:
‘Hi folks – well I’m settling into the new pad now and sorting those pesky owners out. I think I’ve got them wrapped around my little paws and I’m enjoying the play times and regular tasty scran. I’m liking the walks as well but I’m getting fed up of being carried everywhere. This girl needs to get down and dirty, so I’ll be working on that pretty damned soon. Of course I need to be a sweet Bonnie occasionally just to give them a bit of ‘positive reinforcement’ – I’ve worked out that’s the best way to train up those rents. Loving the trips down to the beach and can’t wait to roll in that sand. Bring it on! Loving the new red harness too and it suits my colouring don’t you think? I could mention my very first shampoo and rinse but I’ll leave that one for next time. Woof and out…Bonnie jacket

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