Having lived and worked in big cities for most of my life, adapting to life in west Cornwall has meant a few ups and downs – and I don’t just mean the hills!

We relocated to Cornwall after spending a year on the lovely island of Bermuda, where my husband was working as a digital forensic expert. It was a fantastic time and I wrote my debut novel ‘My Bermuda Namesakes’ while we were there.

So the move to Cornwall was ‘cushioned’ to some extent by experiencing life on a small island. Still, any major relocation is a huge step and we made sure we were prepared by renting in Truro before deciding where to buy our house.

Marazion wasn’t even on our radar to start with. We happened to follow the Olympic torch team as they headed into the town and we liked the look of the place. Then the house found us and nearly two years down the line, here we are. Settled, happy and still getting to know the area.

So in the next few blogs I’ll be listing the pros and cons of Poldark country versus city living.

Starting with ‘A’ for…..

Aspiration – No doubt about it. Most of our major cities have got it and Birmingham – where I was born and have spent most of my life so far – certainly has huge doses of this ‘A’ word.

If I do miss anything, it’s the sheer energy and buzz of large cities, the ‘can do’ metropolitan outward looking vibe and the choice of theatres, cinemas and food from all around the world.

But let’s face it, moving to west Cornwall was all about a change in pace, finding a better work/life balance and being close to some incredible beaches.

Besides, it’s only a few hours on the road for a fix of the city and I certainly don’t miss those dreary commutes to work.

Altruism – For examples of unselfishness and care for others, Cornwall wins hands down.

Perhaps it is because the communities are smaller and everything feels so much more personal, but life in this part of Cornwall does seem kinder with a more noticeable ‘community spirit’.

While some people crave the anonymity that city life can offer, the friendliness and willingness to help others that we’ve witnessed while living here, really does take some beating.

Somehow I can’t imagine the thousands of people who attended a memorial walk for a much loved and respected community police officer, (as recently seen on the streets of Falmouth), happening in our major cities.

More thoughts on these differences in my next blog but now over to Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo for her latest take on life….

‘Hiya folks,

Enjoying the new shorter hairstyle – especially in this hot weather we’ve been having.

My favourite place to catch the rays is on the balcony – I can chillax while keeping an eye on the two and four legged dudes passing by.

Think the hair is getting lighter in the sun, don’t you think?

I’ve finally decided that I’m a strawberry blonde with just a hint of apricot here and there.

Me a vain mutt? Hey surely not.

Now what’s the best angle for my photo?

Anyway back to what Bonnie does best.

Chilling while guarding those rents of mine…Woof and out. ‘

On the balcony

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