Busy Summer Ahoy!

Hi folks,

Time for another posting from little ol’ me, and not before time!

The weather is getting better and it seems that a good chunk of the country is making its way down to my Cornish patch. Talk about busy and we haven’t even hit summer yet…not that I’m complaining.

Looks like we’ll be getting some visitors of our own in the middle of June and already my rents are planning where to take them. As usual I’ll be centre stage and lets face it, my very own pub calendar would be a good starting point. ‘Walkies first, drink afterwards’ is how it goes and take it from me, there are lots of great places to choose from.

Rent Maggie then takes off to Dublin at the end of the month, heading to a ‘Writer’s Conference’ whatever that is. I think it’s got something to do with those books she’s written and there will be lots of authors, book marketing bods and the like. She’ll also be seeing some relatives and it’s a shame I can’t go over there as well. I’d love to wander around the place and chill out in some of those Dublin bars. Though not sure if they’re all that mutt friendly over there, unlike Cornwall which is pretty damn good to us pub loving dogs.

Hey ho, me and rent Paul will just have to stay put and hit the beach. Talking of beaches, there have been lots of photos featuring yours truly recently – seems like they’re going to be used in a book marketing campaign – and I keep being nagged about not looking directly at the camera. I mean – come on. How can a gal be expected to stare at a boring bit of kit when there’s all those lovely views around to distract?

Now, what else should I mention in passing? Oh yes, rent Maggie has written a magazine feature on sailing supremo, Sir Ben Ainslie. It was done out in Bermuda earlier this year – that’s where the America’s Cup yacht race is now taking place. It has to be said that those boats look fantastic though I’d be happy with a more gentle sail across my local Mounts Bay, hint, hint.

Anyway, here’s a couple of pics of ‘you-know-who’ to be getting on with.  You’ll see in the first one that I’m looking (or should that be snoozing?) straight at the camera and the secret is a doggy choc reward. Simples…

Bonnie conservatory


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