Bustling Cornwall, book collaboration and Bonnie dog’s romance….

It’s a sure fire thing – if you want to boost tourism, get yourself on the television drama location map.

It’s our fourth summer living in Cornwall (the third in west Cornwall) and the place is busier than ever.

Yes, the so-called ‘Poldark Effect’ is certainly making its mark if the crowds of visitors are anything to go by.

Already we’ve met several families who’ve told us that they usually only go as far as Newquay but have been tempted further down west by the glorous scenery show cased on the ‘Poldark’ series.

Of course I’m assuming they mean the incredible landscape rather than actor Aidan Turner’s torso….or maybe a bit of both?

Shame though that this summer hasn’t lived up to last year. The weather down here has been mixed – one day basking in glorious sunshine and the next teeming with rain. We’re having a garden party on Sunday so fingers crossed that the weather will be kind.  So far it’s looking good.

If you’ve read my previous blog, you’ll know that I’ve started a book collaboration with another fiction writer, each of us taking on different characters. We’re now up to Chapter 7 and it’s going brilliantly. All I can say is that my co-writer certainly has a vivid imagination for crime (should I be worried?) and it’s intriguing how our very different writing styles fit together.

I think we’re on to something special and it’s an exciting process.

Now over to Bonnie, our the very Cornish cockapoo, for her latest news…

‘Hi folks,

There are two things that I’m obsessed with at the moment.

One is my stash of non raw-hide chews made with chicken, peanut and sweet potato. My rent Paul says they smell a bit like a ‘Thai meal’ – whatever that is. To me they just smell and taste delicious and I think I’m addicted.

Then there is the gorgeous Tui, the black Havanese who I’ve been meeting on my walks.

Every time I clap eyes on him, my heart races and I’ve even been dreaming about running through the fields with him. Wind in our hair, the smell of rabbits in the air…well you get the picture.

Yes, Tui is the boy for me and my first big doggy crush. Anyway, here’s a picture of him and little ol’ me and don’t we make a lovely couple. All together now…’aah’.

Woof and out….’

Tui and Bonnie



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