Builders, reader groups and doggy ice cream

There’s been a bit of a gap between the last blog and this one. Blame the building work, visitors and writing deadlines. A feeble excuse I know, but life really has been extra busy recently.

Take the builders. They’ve been a great bunch and have done a fantastic job. Like anything in life, a good job takes time and for the best part of two months, various workers have been doing their bit to build our new Conservatory. As someone quipped the other day, a Conservatory is basically an extension – with a bit more glass – and I have to admit that a lot of skilled work goes into the construction. It’s all been worth it though and we now have an extra sitting room with a pleasant job of choosing the furniture.

Bonnie dog has already made herself at home on the new rug and once the inside decor is finished, we’re going to have a ‘grand opening’ – with Champagne and cutting of a ribbon! Think we deserve a celebration which of course will include the guys who did all the hard work.snap7

Despite the temporary chaos, we’ve welcomed several visitors, including a former work colleague who I hadn’t seen for over twenty five years. It’s funny how you can go a long time without seeing someone and within minutes are chatting away like old mates. There was a lot to catch up on but we’ve agreed to stay in touch. She also recommended that I put the first of my novellas, ‘Dear Mr DJ’, out to a Birmingham based readers’ group she’s involved with.

It’s not something I’ve done before, so told her to go ahead and held my breath. Wisely the group wasn’t told that she knew me – we didn’t want them being nice about it just because I was  a friend of hers. The response went way beyond my expectations and has given me an extra push to get the final of the trilogy finished. Then the complete book series can be marketed next year and on that front, I’m calling on the professionals . Believe me it is much easier to get someone else to market your book rather than to do it yourself.

As for Bonnie the very Cornish cockerpoo, she’s doing a great job as a ‘Pets As Therapy’ visitor to our local Leonard Cheshire Disability home and will be helping with some fund raising in November. So now over to her for a Bonnie update….

‘Hiya folks,

Been meeting quite a few new peeps since my last posting. Lots of builder chaps and other people passing by. Can’t say I remember all of the names but I’m a social type of gal so I’ve been loving all the attention.

Now for a great bit of news. I’ve finally tasted that doggie ice cream – it’s called Frozzys – and I got a Cranberry flavoured one as a present from my handsome Havanese Pal, Tui. Definitely a few steps up on the taste front from my usual treat of crushed ice. It’s a frozen yoghurt really but now I’ve had a lick there will be no going back!

I want to try the other flavours, so I need to get this one finished double quick. Sorry Tui but this little tub is all mine!

Got to say that I’m loving the new room at the back of the house and have decided that its a great doggy flat. Nice new fluffy rug, sofa and an easy run into the garden. What’s not to like? The rents just need to put a sign over the door saying ‘Bonnie’s Room’ and I’m all set. Yeah life is good!

Woof and out….’snap8




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