My Bermuda Namesakes

My Bermuda NamesakesWe all know how life can throw us a curve ball and can change in the blink of an eye. For graphic designer, Josie James – or JJ as she prefers to be known – the change is road accident which leaves her with virtually no short term memory. She needs to keep a detailed diary just to recall what she did the previous day.
If this isn’t enough to contend with, she then finds herself living far from home and accused of a crime that she didn’t commit. Yet all the forensic evidence, including CCTV, says ‘guilty’. How the hell did she get into this mess?
The beautiful sub tropical island of Bermuda is where JJ has chosen to stay for recuperation and treatment. She soon discovers that there are two other Josie James’ – her namesakes – living on the island and finds herself at the centre of their lives. But her new found happiness turns into a nightmare as JJ is placed firmly at the scene of a serious crime.
Will Graham Tucker – the charismatic criminal lawyer and JJ’s new love – be able to help her out of this nightmare in paradise? Can her brain specialist, the talented Dr Silver, unearth some lost short term memories that could prove her innocence? And what about those new namesake buddies?
‘My Bermuda Namesakes’ is a twist and turn story with a central question at its heart:

When your short term memory is shot to pieces…
Just where does the truth lie?

Features on ‘My Bermuda Namesakes’ have appeared in Bernews, Bermuda Royal Gazette, Bermuda Sun, Irish Post (UK), Birmingham Post (UK), and Solihull News (UK).

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5 star review for My Bermuda Namesakes A great story a good read. Detective from the accused`s point of view, with romance interesting medical twist and great setting. I want to visit!

—Elizabeth Johnson

5 star review for My Bermuda Namesakes Having visited Bermuda a number of times, I read this book on my most recent visit there. I was fascinated and could imagine myself at the described locations. The facts about life in Bermuda were accurate and a very good story line kept me hooked until the end. An enjoyable read.

—Joan Owen

5 star review for My Bermuda Namesakes Relaxing and Informative Read Great premise. Easy to read and interesting characters. To be honest (for a guy) I liked the move up in boyfriend to a real man. The heroine is lucky, especially for someone so trusting. Wanted to give her a good shake at times. After reading ‘My Bermuda Namesakes’ the island is now on my holiday destination list. Great leisure time read.

—Howard Brown

5 star review for My Bermuda Namesakes I really enjoyed this. The combined ideas of the brain injury of the heroine and her subsequent memory loss and the trouble she finds herself in as a result mean that you are puzzling things out alongside the main character, and feel very involved in her plight. The first-person narrative makes this particularly effective. The descriptions of Bermuda and its inhabitants ring very true, and are written about with real affection.


5 star review for My Bermuda Namesakes Thoroughly enjoyed this book. Was an easy to read “holiday” book, with an interesting plot, although I did struggle a little at times with one or two of the choices made by the main character.Was obvious that the author had researched this unusual type of brain injury and that she was able to give a good descriptive insite into the island. Would definitely recommend.

—Mrs Patricia Hammond

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