Dear Mr DJ

Dear Mr DJ, Maggie Fogarty - Dilemma Novella Vol 1A radio phone-in, a teenage diary and an old recipe book. Suddenly the summer of 1975 comes crashing into the 21st century, with vivid memories stirred and secrets uncovered.

Revisiting her early years means that Debbie McKay faces a big decision. Starting with a letter to her very first and much older boyfriend, Mr DJ.

Actions have consequences and in Debbie’s case the stakes are high. So is she brave enough to reveal her perilously hidden past?

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‘Dear Mr DJ’ is the first in the ‘Dilemma Novella’ series and is now available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback. Follow the links to get your copy.

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5 star review for My Bermuda NamesakesThe story is set in Cornwall, so far, which was quite apt as I read it whilst on a short break there! It is a light, easy holiday read, I identified with the main character and enjoyed the descriptions of Cornwall. The book ended with lots of unanswered questions , I therefore await the next instalment to find out what twists and turns Debbie’s life will take!

—Mandy Morton

5 star review for My Bermuda NamesakesI rarely have time to read with my manic lifestyle, however we went away for the weekend and I was determined to relax!!!

—Amazon customer

5 star review for My Bermuda Namesakes
To say I loved this book is an understatement. I am going to recommend this book / series to my book group as I can easily imagine the discussions which will flow from readers. Looking forward to the next instalment.

—Avid reader

5 star review for My Bermuda Namesakesvery fast paced novella, from start to finish – I read it in one gulp, and looking forward to devouring the next! This is good, easy reading, perfect for holiday or a train journey – start reading and you won’t be able to stop!

—Sue Kittow

5 star review for My Bermuda NamesakesJust finished the book, had a job to put it down, needed to know what happened.
Very easy reading loved it can’t wait for the next one


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