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Hey – bet you thought you weren’t going to hear from blogger Bonnie again. How wrong were you?

Things have been a bit busy in my world, so I’ve got my excuse in early!

First, the rents headed off on a trip to London, staying at some amazing river side apartment belonging to friends. I’ve seen the photos and trust me the views are to die for. Take a look below, to give you an idea. That’s the Millenium bridge to the right and the Tate Modern straight ahead. Not bad eh?


Me? I stayed in Cornwall with my lovely minder, cos I’m not much of a city girl. The rents drove all the way down – the apartment has its own underground parking – and lets face it, a five hour journey doesn’t suit little ol’ me.

Nah, give me the beach and sea air anytime. The folks were laughing because a London restaurant they visited had a Cornish themed menu! Fish, cheese, the lot – yes, my little bit of the world was right there on the foodie map. If they’d stayed put, they would have got things much fresher. Just sayin…

Now for my main blogger job this month. My rent Maggie has told me that I’ve got to say something about her latest book, a thing called a ‘novella’, which is available today and you can get it on Amazon either in Kindle form or as a paperback. It’s called ‘Backwards and Forwards’ and it will be the last one for a while, so I’m told. I like the pink cover – check it out below – but think she’s missed a trick by not putting yours truly on the front.

I mean, us mutts are a great draw aren’t we? If you think I’m joking, try going out for a walk or a visit to the pub with mini me. Someone said recently, that I get treated like a rock star whatever that is.  Hell, I love all that attention and what girl wouldn’t?

Apparently, I’m going to be in some of the publicity photos for the book so I’ll have to look my doggy best, smiling for the camera. I don’t mind as long as I get a decent wage, (biscuit currency will be fine), along with walks in some of those scenic locations. If there’s a pub visit involved as well, all the better.

On the suject of fab scenery, now that the weather has improved, there’s talk about trying some of the walks in a friend’s latest publication – she’s called Sue Kittow and  her book is ‘Walks In The Footsteps Of Winston Graham’s Poldark’ Grab hold of a copy if you are coming down to Cornwall and fancy some good old fashioned outdoor exploring on two or four legs. I’ll keep you posted on how we get on.

Well that’s me done for now, I like to keep things short and sweet. Check out the new novella and watch out for the tie-in publicity – did I mention I’d be taking part? Whoops, a repeat bit of information, ahem, ‘accidentally’ slipped in.

Woof and out…’

Backwards and forwards book cover




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