Bonnie the Cornish cockapoo celeb…

Hiya folks,

Bonnie the very Cornish cockapoo is back again and what a crazy few weeks it has been!

Lots of people dropping by on their Cornish holidays, garden party planning, little ol’ me featured on the front cover of rent Maggie’s new box set of books. If this wasn’t enough, I’ve been invited to a talk about ‘Pets As Therapy’ (PAT) dog duties.

Well I could go on but you get the idea.

Summer is whizzing by but so far the Cornish weather has been – dare I say it? – a bit of a dogs dinner. One day sunny, the next pouring down and sometimes both on the same day. Yikes – I’ve even had to wear a rain coat when I should be rolling around in the warm sands. Come on, this ain’t good enough and I’m not even down here on holiday.

So I’m putting out a Bonnie cockapoo ‘cosmic order’ for a whole lot more sun. There, have done it and we’ll see if it works.

As for me on the front of the books box set, guess what?

Got masses of  ‘likes’ on Instagram – here’s a snapshot of them…

I’ve said it before, us mutts on covers get a fantastic response.

It’s not quite a first doggy modelling assignment – ahem, a little reminder that I do have my own favourite west Cornish pubs calendar – but judging from the latest Instagram response, I think there’s scope for a whole lot more. Just saying.

Not really sure what I’m expected to do at the PAT dog talk. I’m guessing that the rents will do the chit-chat bit with me in charge of the ‘meeting and greeting’. There’ll probably want more photos but let’s face it, I’m getting used to that.  Just have to make sure that this gal is camera ready for her close up.

Hey ho, it’s fun being a mini celebrity and there’s no complaints on that front.

The rents keep saying that I get treated better than them in the local pubs and restaurants and that’s true. They do know how to roll out the red carpet for us mutts in this part of the country. Bowls of water and free snacks are available in loads of places. One pub even offered up some scrummy left over beef from the Sunday roast menu, while the rents had to make do with a few tired looking Yorkshire puds.

Yeah – the priorities are bang on here. Now give me that order for more sun and it will be a Cornish paradise. Just get on with it though, cos we’re losing patience here.

Woof and out….

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