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Welcome to my blog. This is where I will be posting regular updates to my writing from my home in west Cornwall.

Motor Homing in France and Monty Python Memories

Well then – what are the main differences between Motor Home travel in France and the UK? First of all space and lots of it. France is a bigger country and as such the roads are less busy – you can travel miles outside the major towns and cities without seeing too many other vehicles. […]

Motor Home Travel, Middle England and Live Radio

It’s been just over three months since we got our Motor Home, (or MoHo to use the trendy abbreviation), and yes, still loving the freedom it brings with the ability to set off at a whim. So far we’ve kept within the West Country, exploring other parts of Cornwall, with the occasional foray into Devon. […]

Motor Home, Books and ‘Common People’

After a six month blog break – well it’s certainly been a busy period –  I’m blogging well back! And this time the focus will be a wee bit different. As me and hubby have just acquired a Motor Home, (or MoHo as we like to call it), we’ll be hitting the road and I’ll […]

A radio role, friends and Christmas thoughts…

Sometimes in life things happen out of the blue – when you’re not looking, yet somehow the timing feels right. With lots of talk about getting more women represented on company Boards of Directors – the latest figure is still a pretty poor 25.5%  of FTSE 350 companies – the chance to join the Board […]

Mum – A Personal Tribute

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog and that is because the past six weeks have been a sad and traumatic time for our family. After a long hard battle with Vascular Dementia, and more recently, the devastating effects of a stroke, my mum Rita passed away on October 7th. Her quality […]

Cornwall rammed, radio interview and Bonnie dog latest…

If we thought last year was busy in west Cornwall, well that was nothing compared to the sizzling summer of 2018. Not only record temperatures but soaring visitor numbers too – our town of Marazion has seen thousands of people arrive to enjoy the beach, watersports, St Michael’s Mount, and some great eateries. Yes the […]

Interview, bizarre coincidences and Bonnie dog news

There has been a lot going on recently, so just easing back into the writing business with Bonnie the ‘dog blogger’ taking a back seat again. Not her favourite spot! A few weeks ago I got a request to do an interview with a journalism student as part of a final university degree assignment.  It’s […]

Birthday, Radio Talk, Beach Clean and Giant Man Engine!

Hiya folks, Bonnie is back in pole position as the doggy blogger! There’s been lots going on here and I’ve just celebrated my – ahem – 4th birthday in style. Home made cake and something called Prosecco for the two legged lot and some yummy mutt treats for little ol’ me. (Hmm, perhaps I should […]

Little Big Things….

A few words from me this time before handing back over to Bonnie the dog blogger… We recently had a note slipped through our letter box saying that we’d been short listed for a ‘Marazion In Bloom’ award. There had been no entry made from us, so after making some inquiries we found out that […]

Dear Mr DJ

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Backwards and Forwards

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