Birthday, Radio Talk, Beach Clean and Giant Man Engine!

Hiya folks,

Bonnie is back in pole position as the doggy blogger!

There’s been lots going on here and I’ve just celebrated my – ahem – 4th birthday in style. Home made cake and something called Prosecco for the two legged lot and some yummy mutt treats for little ol’ me. (Hmm, perhaps I should re-word that to to take out the ol’ bit? Afterall, 4 is the new 2 in the world of mutts).

Guests of honour were my pal Russ, neighbour Mary, and the rents of course. We hung out in Bonnie’s Crib, (aka the Conservatory), and as usual I did all the hard work of meeting and greeting. It’s what this gal is good at, trotting about and getting loads of attention.

Shame this birthday stuff only happens once a year. I mean, why can’t we have six monthly birthdays or even one every month? Just saying…

Rent Maggie recently did a radio interview for Coast FM, talking about the West Cornwall Media Club thingy which she set up a couple of years ago with pal Graham Buckley. No mention of  me in it but I reckon I’d make a cracking subject. I could always woof on about my favourite dog friendly pub calendar, my role as a Pets As Therapy Dog,  my visit to a film set, the best beaches around – the list is endless.

Talking of beaches, I joined the rents the other day for something called ‘Big Spring Beach Clean’ where we picked up loads plastic, bits of glass and other stuff that has no right to be there. Lots of two and four legged sorts were out doing their bit to make the beach better. It was organised by Surfers Against Sewage, a brilliant charity that has just been chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to benefit from their wedding – they want people to donate to seven charities instead of giving them gifts.

I mean people keep moaning about us mutts on the beach – and just so you know, my rents always pick up after me unlike some others  – but it’s the two legged lot we really need to worry about from what I’ve seen.

Still, a little help goes a long way and the beach looked even more beautiful after we’d finished. Everyone is talking about cutting back on plastic waste and this Cornish patch of the world is leading the way. Yeah!

The rents have been raving on about the ‘Man Engine’ show they went to see over the Easter weekend. From what I can remember – after seeing it first time around a couple of years ago –  it’s a giant mechanical man puppet wearing  a thing called a miner’s helmet and it rises up to about 40 feet high. Think sparks, steam, loads of clanking noises and you get the picture. He even moves his eyes and I swear he winked at me. I kid you not.

It was built to honour the memory of 31 miners who lost their lives at Levant in Cornwall way back in 1919, when the Man Engine transporting them back up from deep underground, broke down and sent them to their deaths. Although there’s a sad story behind it, thousands have turned out to see this huge metal puppet and though yours truly didn’t go this time around, (once was enough for me), the rents say that the latest show is even better than before.

It’s travelling around the country, so folks outside the South West can now get a look.

A word to the wise though. It’s only for those hardy mutts who aren’t too bothered about fireworks and lots of sparks.

Anyway, that’s it from me and just off now to try a new dog friendly pub. Watch this space for my verdict.

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