Bermudian friends and doggy prizes

Last week we had two of our friends from Bermuda staying at our place. They arrived after a long hot train journey from London and mercifully the sun stayed shining for most of their visit. OK, we did have a thunderstorm early doors, but hey – it wouldn’t be England without a bit of rain. Anyway – and is this a sign I’m getting older? – the garden needed a drink.

So what to do with visitors from a gorgeous paradise island? Well we started with our own beautiful Marazion and a meal at the Godolphin Arms. ‘Wow you’ve got lots of Palm trees just like Bermuda’ was one of their many favourable comments. Having experienced life in both, I’d say that Bermuda definitely has the edge when it comes to pink sands, warm turquoise sea, white roofed pastel coloured houses and all year around good weather – give or take the odd hurricane.

Yet Cornwall wins hands down for sheer variety of landscapes, cost of everyday living, (high in Bermuda), and for its friendliness to dog owners. Nowhere in Bermuda would a pub owner offer your pooch its own comfy throw to lie on, a bowl of water and some doggy treats. Yet this is exactly what our pup Bonnie was offered by the friendly staff at the Tinners Arms in Zennor. Our guests were astonished and added it to the list of things they loved about Cornwall.

The tight schedule meant that we didn’t get to the Penzance Literary Festival (Litfest) but from what I’ve heard, it was a huge success. It’s great that book lovers are flocking to festivals all over the country and the committed volunteers who put together this year’s Penzance line up should be proud of their efforts.

Talking of pride, new pup Bonnie did well in her first fun dog competition to raise money for the riding for disabled charity. Madam got first place for ‘the dog with the waggiest tail’ and was a finalist in the best pup category. The place was rammed and trust me, some of those competitors take things pretty seriously. We took it for what it was – a bit of a laugh for the benefit of a good cause. Bonnie got an extra ‘Smart Bone’ treat as a reward, it’s a sort of alternative to a rawhide chew made from peanut butter, sweet potato and chicken. She can’t get enough of them and they smell divine, so much so that my other half has been tempted to try one! I think that’s taking ‘dog bonding’ a bit too far so over to Bonnie for her latest missive….

It was great having those cool dudes over from Bermuda. More people to mess around with and to take for walks. And didn’t I do well in that doggy comp? Some of those folks were taking things a bit too far though, with all that preening and prancing around – and that’s just the dog owners. Me? I took it all in my stride and have a couple of nice shiny rosettes to show for it. Even got more Smart Bone rations for my efforts. Mind you, I’ll have to keep them away from that male rent Paul – don’t think that I haven’t noticed him sniffing at the pack and muttering something about trying one for himself. That’s not how it works in my world matey. I do the begging for scraps from the rents and my own stash is for me and me alone. So keep well away that’s what I say….Woof and out.

 Bonnie rosette


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