Beauty, Hatred and ‘Be More Dog’……

It’s been a week of highs and lows, stunning beauty tainted with images of mindless violence.

Hubby and me had a fantastic five day trip to the historic city of Porto, famous for its incredible architecture and – of course – the Port vino that goes so well with cheese.

We stayed close to the Douro river and witnessed European Cafe society at its best. Lots of nationalities enjoying the summer vibe, relaxing over delicious food and drinks and celebrating the good things in life.DSCN2233

What a stark contrast to the images on BBC World News once we got back to our new and stylish hotel. English and Russian supposed ‘fans’ rampaging through the streets of Marseilles, throwing chairs and punches, with no regard for families dining out nearby.  An insult to genuine football supporters who – shock horror – just want to enjoy a sporting event. To say it makes you ashamed to be British, is putting it mildly.  The hatred, violence and lack of respect shown by this sad bunch is both frightening and sickening.

Fast forward just a few days later and one of our brightest and best female MPs was gunned down in her Yorkshire constituency. Her senseless death has sent shock waves across the world and has deprived us of a political talent based on genuine humanity and compassion. It has left her family bereft and her husband’s dignified words will have reduced many of us to tears.

Such a waste and you are left wondering what on earth drove her killer to commit such a heinous act? Doubtless more will be revealed over the coming days but the story emerging seems to be one of obsession with extreme right wing propaganda fuelled by social isolation and neglected mental health issues.

Somehere along the line, the common sense of humanity that drives most of us was lost by this murderer and the world is all the poorer for it.

Despite these examples of vitriol and savagery, it is the images of awe inspiring architecture, enjoyment and happiness that we take back from our trip to Porto. If you let the hate images dominate, then those who have lost all sense of what it is to be human become the winners.

You only have to see a dog greet you after a few days absence to understand the unconditional love that these gorgeous creatures give. Dogs live for the moment, don’t judge and are always delighted to see you. Not a bad take on life – ‘be more dog’ as the saying goes . On that note, now over to Bonnie for her latest thoughts….

‘Hiya folks,

Well I had another great stay at my minder Leda’s place over in Praa Sands. While the rents were living it up in Porto, I stayed here in Cornwall basking in the sun and enjoying my training lessons with the lovely Leda.

I overheard the rents saying that Leda’s place is a bit like boarding school for me. She makes me work for my treats and I’ve now sussed out how to sit and stay until she calls me. As long as I get a choccy drop, I’m happy to play along with this. When she tried to get me to do it without a treat, I decided that life was too short if you get my drift. No choc, no tricks.

I’m loving my weekly Pets As Therapy dog visit to the Leonard Cheshire care home just down the road. I’m starting to get used to all the residents and I do have a few favourites, though I’m not saying who. The rents are talking about getting me to visit the local school too – I’ll enjoy that because I’m always being stopped to say ‘hi’ to children on my regular walks.

The rent Maggie has got a new open top car, so I’ve been taken out for lots of rides and I love it. OK, the ears flap about a bit but who cares? Cruising along in the open air suits this gal just fine. 

Anyway, that’s it from me for now. Off for a good sniff around the garden and to root out those rabbits who keep coming onto my patch, running around and leaving their droppings. Bad manners, that’s what I say. 

Woof and out…’ DSCN2224




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