5 Questions To Independent Author Jude Lennon – Indie Author Week UK

ŸYou are best known for your children’s books but you have also written a short story collection ‘A Slice of Lennon’. How hard was it making the transition from children’s writing to creating stories for adults?

My writing group ‘The Revolting Peasants’ gave me an additional challenge one month – I couldn’t write for children.  Since then I have rarely written for children as part of my writing group but I did end up with a collection of short stories, many of which made it into the book.

ŸYou are a bit of a social media star – tell us how you manage to balance that with your prolific writing…

Scheduling!  I have a spreadsheet (how unexciting) with my social media pages and key dates that I want to post about. It makes it much easier to keep on top of it. Awareness Days are my friend!

ŸDo you have any writer ‘must-haves’ while you work – music, props etc?

I LOVE music but don’t write with it on. I am a pen and paper girl so I can pretty much write anywhere and have done. If I’m in my office at home a cup of Rooibos tea is essential and chocolate if possible!

ŸA question that has to be asked – are you related to that other famous Lennon from Liverpool?

Ha, yes. My Dad’s grandfather and his grandfather were brothers. It’s not close enough for me to claim royalties!

ŸWhat have been your lockdown ‘saviours ’? Ahem – Ÿ the cover of ‘A Slice of Lennon’ might give a small hint about one of them…

The outdoors, my bike, laughing with my partner, reading and writing. The thought of getting away in my VW campervan Buttercup when this is over. And the odd tipple of gin – with that slice of ‘lemon’ !

The van is mine, her name is Buttercup!


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  1. Daisy and Buttercup would have been good friends, I think. 😁


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