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Hi, I’m Maggie Fogarty, pleased to meet you!

Thanks for stopping by at my website. You can find out more about me and my books here. I’ll be doing regular blogs about my life and work, with updates from our dog Bonnie, the very Cornish cockapoo.


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The Dilemma Novella series is now available as a Kindle box set at Amazon. Visit or to buy.

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Telling Tales and Inspiration – Part 1

People often talk about ‘sliding door’ moments to describe pivotal life events that could go one way or the other. (The ‘Sliding Doors’ film is a firm favourite). It’s also one of the themes in my current writing project and has led me to look back at my own sliding door moments. Over the years […]

Juggling time, Bonnie dog update and giftbox…

As my friend often says, ‘time is elastic’. You can stretch it out to fit your priorities and he hates it when people say ‘I haven’t got the time’. His response: ‘Well go and make it!’ To some extent he is right – you can often pack more into a day if you really want […]

Road trip, Cornwall on the box and book review…

Has the world of TV gone overboard in its extensive coverage of all things Devon and Cornwall? Wearing my television production hat, I’ll come back to that question – but first a bit of news about our recent Motor Home road trip, the first long journey away since March 2020. Although we love living in […]

Indie writers, MoHo trips and a gift with a difference…

‘What extactly is an indie author?’ a friend asked when I told her I was taking part in the recent #indieauthorweekuk, a series of events aimed at independent writers. Trust me, it is a question I’ve also asked myself especially when faced with the uphill task of marketing and getting your books ‘out there’ in […]

5 Questions To Independent Author Su Echo Falls S’ari aka Rose English – Indie Author Week UK 2021 Tell us about your ‘Miss Ruby Heart’ character – a cute talking toy Spaniel. – Miss Ruby Heart is a King Charles spaniel character from my book ‘Young Ebenezer ~ A New Christmas Carol’. She is the Ghost of Christmas Past and along with a magical clock called ‘Grandfather Time’ they try to help […]

5 Questions To Independent Author Lesley Rawlinson – Indie Author Week UK 2021 Tell us about your latest children’s book ‘Magical Tales from the Woodpecker Tree’. – The book is the third in a series that began with ‘Tales from the Woodpecker Tree’ published in 2017, followed by ‘Christmas Tales from the Woodpecker Tree’ in 2018. Each book is a collection of short stories, many of which […]

5 Questions To Independent Author Jude Lennon – Indie Author Week UK 2021 You are best known for your children’s books but you have been working on your first full length novel for ‘grown-ups’. Tell us a bit about that. – ‘Kintsugi’ (working title) is a contemporary fiction with an historical twist. The main character has a well ordered, normal life which is turned upside down by […]